Saturday, February 20, 2010

Creating my future

Do our beliefs create our future?

This world is a fantastic place and I always wanted to figure it out completely. I remember being sixteen and having these long conversations with my high school friends about how life works. I used to search and search for answers and finally I started feeling that I found my path when I started my autism training in the Berkshires.

Later on I got into spirituality, learnt other perspectives and realized the basics are all the same. What I read in spiritual books I find in other books. Some of the thoughts might be written a bit differently, but seem to have the same meaning. I guess we all head towards the same understandings, but we get there walking different paths.

As we are all different, we all have preferences to different philosophies and religions. A very popular topic right now seems to be to manifest, and attract things into our lives. Lots of spiritual teachers sell the belief that holding positive thoughts about a future event will draw that situation into our lives. When I first explored this process, I made myself scared by thinking "Oh I am attracting all these negative things because I have fearful thoughts regularly".

When I started working through my fears, I opened myself up to a more positive view. I started reading again about manifesting and realized it is an amazing concept. After I discovered the beliefs that did not result in positive thoughts and feelings, and changed them into beliefs that made me feel great, I actually I got myself to a place where I could start attract positive things into my life.

I started to realize that by spending time on discovering and changing my beliefs to become more positive, I create a solid space from which I can live positively naturally and which results in more creativity in my live.

Seeing this, let me have a look at some of my beliefs and how they help attract things into my life.

I am lovable
When I believe that I am lovable, I will have a great feeling about myself and send thoughts into the universe that say "Hey, this person is lovable". People will then be drawn to me because they share this believe with us. This is a cool thought. If this "law of attraction" thing really works and I believe it does, we actually attract people who share the same beliefs we do. This will result in them helping us make our beliefs stronger by providing us with evidence that we can easily buy.

Our friends are our mirrors
So when we look at our friends as mirrors and see what they believe when they act, speak and see, we learn a lot about our beliefs. When I believe I am clumsy I will send out thoughts that will attract the people who believe the same thing about me or who will support this belief. If I believe I can get rich I will attract opportunities and people who will help me get there. On the other hand if I believe I can’t get rich I will get all the evidence of the world to show myself I just can’t do it. If I believe the world is a fearful and unfair place, I will have a lot of friends who will help me support this belief.

Powerful stuff!
By changing our beliefs we can change what we attract into our lives and we can live the life we want to. How cool that is! My life is in my hand and I can make the most of it. By looking around me I learn more about myself, and what I stand for. By looking at my beliefs, I can make changes where wanted and recreate myself in a more positive person, and attract more positive opportunities in my life.

What do you attract in your life today?

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