Friday, February 12, 2010


Every Friday until November 7, 2010 you will find entries from a series written by Iris about her training to run the New York marathon in 2010. It is something she never aspired to do; she has never run a distance of more than 2 kilometers in her life. In this series she describes her adventures and how she works on her beliefs to transform her challenges and successes into one great experience.

Tonight's the Night!
Tonight I am running my first official 5K race alongside about 700 other runners. I am so excited! What a change I've invoked in myself! Now I look forward to running hard and working up a good sweat instead of not wanting to run, not wanting to participate! Who would recognize me?

Yesterday I picked up my bib (which has my race number) and a chip that I will have to put in my shoe so it can measure the time I take to run the 5K. I walked around a "Running Expo" and drank in the inspiration of all the people around me. Volunteers, organizers and runners were all counting down to the 5K tonight and the half marathon and full marathon tomorrow.

I feel really good and well prepared. I feel really happy about all I've done.

Tomorrow, I will tell you all about my experience running the 5K. Then on Sunday you will find a blog I'm calling "Applying the Basics". I'll provide some practical ideas and examples of the philosophy of happiness basics that Teflon has been outlining over the past week.

I'll be running tonight at 7:00PM US Eastern Standard Time. Send some happy thoughts my way!

Have a happy day!

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  1. Wow, that's amazing progress, Iris - to be able to go from a resolution to a full-fledged race/event in just a few weeks. Congratulations already, and have a wonderful time in the 5k!


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