Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Belief Makers

Based on the ever wise, insightful and delightful guidance of our dear friend Chris Kisling, we've undertaken the process of renaming the blog to Belief Makers.

In order to make sure that we don't lose any information or web references or google information, we'll be making the transition over the next week or so and have already begun with the blog page itself. I've also procured the url and will be constructing a site dedicated to this little endeavor we've undertaken together. Who know's what 2010 will bring!

Why Belief Makers?
Well, in addition to the URL being available, Belief Makers quite succinctly captures the core of what this blog is about. One of the things that really distinguishes us humans from other animals on the planet is our capacity to create, modify and act upon beliefs. Whereas much of the physical universe conforms to an action-reaction model, event A causes event B, we humans do not. Expose ten different people to the exact same event and you'll get ten distinct responses.

Why? One model suggests that each observer has a unique set of beliefs that filters (alters) their perception of the event. Rebuke one child and he becomes completely compliant; rebuke another and he becomes completely defiant. Witness defeat in one adult and he quits. Witness it another and he becomes more persistent.

Although one might site physiological differences or genetic differences or hormonal differences as potential causes for these variations in reaction, one thing has become quite clear: what you believe can have as dramatic an affect on how you respond to events in your life as any other variable, not just external or emotional events, but even physiological events.

Knowing this, then it seems reasonable to explore and understand how we actually go about manufacturing, modifying, accepting and discarding beliefs. Through this understanding, we develop a new tool to help us address the challenges in our lives. Although we can alter our reactions to the world around us through any number of means (exercise, diet, supplements, medications and so on), we believe that one of the biggest levers for change we have happens to be our beliefs.

A Open Marketplace
In essence, Belief Makers is a marketplace in which we buy, sell and exchange beliefs. Over the coming year, I look forward to an exciting and growing market. I look forward to insightful and challenging discussion. I look forward to dramatic change all through the power of beliefs.

So long, old name! Welcome, Belief Makers.

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  1. Great name - I'm in for (ex-)changing beliefs.


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