Monday, January 18, 2010

A New Day

One of the things I like best about believing that we are "belief makers" is that every day is a new day. I can wake up each morning and decide how I want to live my life. I can make the same decisions each day and continue to live my life the way I have been or I can make different decisions and change my life completely. Some people do this self exploration once a year and call the changes "new year's resolutions". I don't know about you but for me this process never worked. Within a few days I would "break" the resolution, judge myself for it, and wait a year to make the same old resolutions. Retailers LOVE that so many people operate this way as it makes their marketing plans much easier. How many adds have you seen lately about diet products, ways to quit smoking, going back to school, etc.? This year I have only one resolution. It is to "keep moving forward". Inspired by the Disney movie "Meet The Robinson's".

I have decided that my issue is simply that when I judge myself, I stop moving forward. I actually move backward as I look back at all the examples and excuses I have for why I "failed" and then flood my brain with beliefs about why whatever I am doing is impossible for me. Really productive huh? I love my belief that moving forward no matter to what is incredibly more helpful. I am having fun playing with the unknown. Moving forward without a perfect picture of what the forward looks like is quite freeing. Often times I would only move forward if I could achieve exactly what I wanted the way I wanted it. For example, I would only exercise if I had at least a full 45 minutes to do it. Since that rarely happened, I rarely exercised. By celebrating the moving forward verses the outcome of the movement, I am exercising a lot more. Even if that exercise takes the form of simply parking far away so my walk to the destination allows me some exercise. Funny thing... I always heard people talk about parking far away but my rigid beliefs about exercise prevented me from trying it. Now, I find it fun verses my previous description which was "stupid".

Today is a new day. A day full of opportunities to make new beliefs. A day to explore new possibilities of simply moving forward. So with all my love I say to you "keep moving forward".

Love to all,


  1. Really timely for me. Over the past few days, my plate became a little more full than normal. This morning, I found myself thinking about the fullness of it rather than simply starting move forward. I'm moving.

  2. LOL faster faster Tef.
    Seems either the message board or my computer can't or won't keep up.
    Your two prev posts don't seem to turn up here, One starting Ahhh, and later not sure I know what you mean.....on the thread it is linked to ???? bw


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