Thursday, January 7, 2010

Informative dreams

Yesterday evening I got the message that Faith will post her article tomorrow instead of today, so decided that I would write something for today. I sat myself behind the computer to write this article, but nothing happened. My paper stayed blank, blank, blank. In the end I decided to get some sleep and create some inspiration.

During the night I had in my dreams a long conversation with a cousin that I haven't seen for a long time and who sent me a Facebook invitation earlier this week. I also visited some old classmates and did some other dream stuff. But then my dreams changed into a lecture!

My brain's lecture
My brain explained to me how it stores the memories from the different moments I experience. It told me that I chose to store things in black-white pictures or in colored pictures, and that I chose the resolution of the picture. The higher the resolution the more details get captured. It told me that can store a lot of pictures behind each other (like a movie) or that I could decide to save things in one snapshot. My brain showed me examples of pictures with the size of the file written next to it and zoomed into some of the pictures to show me the difference in quality and detail.

The most two most interesting things about this lecture were:

1. I realized that the most detailed files were the files where my emotions had not blocked my observations. All the big emotional moments were small black white one-picture snapshots.

2. There were no words captured with the images. When I played back a picture or movie, no words were subtitling this event. Everything was to be interpreted from what could be seen.

Could it be that our brain by design saves less detail of the heavy emotional stuff we experienced? Could it be that if we go into our memories there is a lot more detailed information about the moments we were really present? I still can vividly remember the early mornings as a young child where I would go outside and walk through the wet grass without shoes, and I can still feel the experience of the water tripling over my feet.

In the beautiful berkshire hills is a teacher who talks regularly about "make believe" in the programs he teaches. So we could do this: make believe that our brain is asking us to make believe that it has millions or even milliards more memories stored about moments we were totally present than we have stored of stress-related heavy emotional periods of our lives. This would mean: we make belief it easier for our brain to replay wonderful experiences in detail then it is to recreate an heavy emotional situations.

What do you want to make belief?

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  1. I want to make belief that "heavy" emotional situations are wonderful experiences.

    Over new years I had some situations where I felt stressed annoyed angry and I took a "post" - like at many programes at the Option Institute, we stop and pay attention to what happens inside of us right now - and I was facinated with the way that I felt my whole body was fully alarmed.

    Emotional situations are wonderful - just as wonderful as quite sweet ones are.



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