Sunday, January 3, 2010

In search of batteries...

I want to make the statement that your age has nothing to do with your years on the planet, but with the energy and curiosity you put into everything you do.

I recommend embracing the world like a seven year old
, in a way where anything can be interesting and fun.

During the No Room For Jello New Year's concert, my little seven year old friend Aly and her mom Kathy came by to enjoy the music. During the break, Aly invited herself and her mom over to our house the next day to play music. We made the date and we were thrilled to know we had more fun coming up.

Around three thirty the next day, my two friends rolled into my house needing to warm up in front of the fire place while administering some asthma medication to relax lungs that had tightened during the hike up the hill to our house. What an experience and the visit only just started!

Mark had just left the house to get some snacks for our visit and we girls took the opportunity to enjoy ourselves with some music. I will not write about this; instead you can watch the video I created later that evening with the movie material we shot during our indulgence. When was the last time you celebrated life like a seven-year-old?

Even though out musical adventure was a lot of fun, I think that things in the world of this seven year old got even better after we had snacks and drinks with Mark.


Mark disappeared...

Aly asked "where is Mark?" and I answered, "he is probably putting some wood on the fire downstairs."

Aly went to check it out and came back to report that Mark was not putting wood on the fire but seemed to be looking for something. When I asked her what he was looking for, she disappeared again to fulfill her Sherlock Holmes task...

For the next half hour, we saw Aly and Mark slowly moving through the house. Every door and drawer in the house was opened in a systematic way. First they would look at each other, then they would create question marks on their faces and signal "maybe in here?" Then the storage space would be opened to see if this was the place to find eight triple-A batteries...

The batteries, to be used with two walky-talkies, were never found. They did find the radio adapter that I had lost a while ago, and Aly handed it to me as if was the biggest gift ever. What a surprise, what a help, what a fantastic experience!

We ended our afternoon making funny faces until the little lady who had earlier told us that she wanted to stay forever was ready to go home to her own little bed...

When was the last time you had so great fun NOT finding what you were looking for and embracing the moment with so much curiosity and excitement that the experience outweighed the goal?

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