Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Taking a moment to breathe

written by Julie Sando

It seems as though stress levels can be higher around the holidays. This surely is the case around my family. There are deadlines we set ourselves up for, expectations to make sure we do all the things we want to do, etc.

This is why I am making sure I take a moment many times a day to check in and make sure I'm staying calm.

Sometimes I take a bathroom break when I don't actually need to use the restroom for anything other than a safe quiet space! I also have been using red lights along the way to crazy shopping malls to check in with myself - red lights remind me to STOP and make sure my personal engines are running smoothly. Sometimes I'm not aware of how tightly wound I can be until I take those breaks that have now started to seem to come to me... Lights turning red at just the right time (when I start to feel irritated). Instead of getting more tightly wound when those red lights happen that I would typically see as an obstacle to making my self imposed deadlines, I decide that the Universe is giving me a break in my day to recenter myself.

I wish you all Happy an Calm Holidays!

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