Monday, December 21, 2009

The Magic of Christmas

I love Christmas. I love everything about Christmas. Baking cookies, buying gifts, decorating the tree, watching Frosty the Snowman for the hundredth time and most of all, spending time with the people I love. I love how the beautiful lights decorating homes sparkle in the snow and throw magic into the air for everyone to grab. How many of you are grabbing some of that magic this year?

The sparkle of Christmas lights has always been magic for me. Late last night as I drove home from a weekend of baking cookies at Mom's with Aly snoring peacefully in the back seat, there was magic all around me. It started as mom, Aly, and I experienced the most amazing sunset I have ever seen. Ribbons of blue, purple, orange and pink, wrapped around the snow covered hills as we watched in awe from the picture window. As the sun set, lights of magic began to sparkle brightly everywhere. I drove home surrounded in magic and began to cry tears of joy as I thought about all the love I have in my life. I created an experience for myself while I drove that included sights, sounds and smells from Christmases past with particular memories of my grandparents. This will be the first Christmas that all my grandparents will be celebrating with us only in spirit. I could taste the peanut butter rice crispie treats covered in chocolate that I only ate once a year at my Meme's house and I could feel the velour of the outfits my grandmother loved to wear. Even now as I write this blog, I can hear french Chritmas carol's playing ever so softly in the background of family chatter.

As I pulled into our street, the magic exploded as the lights Dave put on our new home that hadn't been working lit up the entire neighborhood. As I walked into the house, I was greeted by David who was happily singing Frosty the Snowman. As we went to bed, David said "goodnight, I love you" and the magic continued. For a child who we were told may never speak, he spoke words of magic last night. Love and happiness to all of you this holiday season. Enjoy the magic in your lives!
Love, Kathy

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