Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What kind of idea person are you?

Everyone creates ideas on the spot. It doesn't matter where you are or what you are doing, your mind creatively constructs new ideas all the time. Just to be clear, I will give you my description of an idea. Ideas are thoughts that serve a purpose, for example an action plan, an opinion, a concept or a suggestion. We constantly create ideas about how to improve our daily lives, our work, our environment, our community etc. For example: there are lots of leaves in my garden and my idea is that if I clean them up before the winter, my grass will be able to start growing early next spring. Another example: it's getting cooler in the house, if I would buy myself a programmable electronic thermostat, I could heat up the house in the mornings before I get out of bed.

What do we do with ideas?
This seems to be totally dependent on the individual. Some people literally go through life by sharing their ideas with everyone all the time, but don't ever take action. If you ever spend any time in a coffee shop, you will easily recognize these persons. They come in, and look around for someone to talk to. They will share their thoughts about politics, environment, the neighbors, their colleagues, and anything else that comes to mind. They have solutions for everything, if we just this, or just that... If they just did this or that... If you just did... When you get to know the person, you start to understand it's all fluff; it's entertainment; it's fried air... They never even consider the possibility of taking action on their ideas.

Then there are people who structurally put their ideas on a shelf for when they will have time. It is almost as if they expect that time will show up at the door some day and then they will open the box of Pandora and explore all the ideas they have. "That could save me one hundred dollars on gas each month? What a great idea. Let's put it on the shelf!" "Wow, you are right, I should write this down in an article to share with others. It would be so wonderful and useful. I will think about it!" These people say they want to take action, but what they really say is that they will not take action.

Other people seem to sort their ideas in good and bad ideas. These are the people who will take action and support good ideas, and protest the "bad" ideas. You recognize them, because they will stand alongside the road telling you who to vote for, and who not. These are the people who stand in line and will tell you spontaneously that you should order the cinnamon bun, because it is so much better than anything else in the store. They will tell you that you should go to this Sushi place instead of that Sushi place because it is so much better etc.

Then there are the people who "do" ideas. These are the people who run around all the time taking action on their and other people's ideas. They are the ADD-ers of our society. If you ever say to one of them, "I think we need a…", before you even finish what you're saying, they'll support your idea, you'll get the response, "OK, let's do it right now!" They are the "do it right now"people; people whom you might not be able to catch up to if you are not of the same taking action caliber.

What about you?
Naturally, we are all mixes of these categories. People usually do not fit in one box. But in this moment, if you look at yourself, in which category would you put yourself? A fried-air person? A save-it-for-later person? A good-bad-idea person? A let's-do-it-right-now person?

Why? Do you take actions on your ideas, or not? How come? Are you using good/bad as a motivator? Are you running around because everything seems interesting? What do you do with your ideas?

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