Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Keep Running

One of my favorite movies is Forest Gump. I think it has a lot of good quotes and it shows that you do not need to be smart to accomplice big things - and a boy who can hardly walk can actually learn to run.

When I was a teenager I thought I could never run. I have a funny knee which kept getting inflamations whenever I tried to run. So I started to row and do weigths - and it turned out that this practice actually strengthend my knee so I could run.

But rowing was my first priority, and I kept rowing - I won the national championships in my country and got to the finals in the world championships - I kept rowing until I hurt my achilles.

For years I was struggling with my achilles - and this kept me from rowing AND from running, until one day more than 10 years later when I got this idea which could seem crazy to some people: I decided that I wanted to run a marathon.

Just think about it: at the time I had not been running for years. My longest run ever at the time was 13 km - or a quarter of a marathon - and the longest run I had done with the previous 5 years was 5 km.

So I startede out with 2 x 2 minutes running and increased from there. Within 6 months I did my first half marathon - the following year I did Copenhagen and Berlin Marathon.

Why do I mention this?
To me this is an example of how I operate: if I wants something in my life I'll make a plan, I'll move step by step towards my goal. - if I can do a marathon I can do anything!

The only problem with this this approach is that I tend to often move with small steps rather than quantum leaps - but the advantages is: I keep moving and I usually reaches my goal - eventally.

This year I did my third marathon. But my reasons and my approach was different from the previous onces. First I decided to do it to draw a line between my past and my future. I wanted the past to be about the past and that the furture would be based on the now and not on the past. I wanted to motivate myself to be more healthy and I wanted to be happy.
Different things came up so I decided that doing marathon might not be a good idea from a health perspective - but I ended up wanting to finish so I kept running - and after that I kept walking, and then I kept running again - and I made it. And I was happy on my way.

I learned something very important that day. 1) I felt so happy and blessed to have friends and strangers cheering for me. It was a bigger inspiration than I had realised. 2) once I had decided to finish the run the best I could do was to focus on the present moment. A few times on my way down 5th av. I thought about the finishing ling. At this poing the finishing line is getting closer and the signals from the body asking you to stop is getting louder, and what happend was that I felt sick and tired and I could hardly move my body. But when I looked up, watched the beutiful sky and the sun going down behind central park, then I started to trust the voices which kept shouting: You can do it! I remembered that I did move in the direction I wanted to go. And I felt happy and blessed and I knew that I was at the right place.

I think that it is so important in life to trust your decisions and keep moving in the direction you want to go. -it doesn't mean that you can never stop reflect or change directions. But when you have decided what direction you want to go, when you are doing something that feels right - then stop the questioning, enjoy the process and keep doing what works for you.

- I'll keep running.


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