Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Dragon Lady

Yesterday, Kathy and I went to visit a little 12-day old girl. She is the first child of friends of ours. The little one had not delayed her arrival twelve days ago, but had persisted to be in the world two weeks early. She literally pushed herself out in three and a half hours, while her mom was mostly denying her arrival. "It was not yet time" and mom didn't recognize the cramps into the last hour...

The little girl is the cutest. With her 5 pounds she is a tiny baby, whom is growing well. She has long thin piano players fingers and really cute round toes. Here skin is pinkish and she seems to have moms nose, but so tiny... It's not yet clear what color hair the little on has, but it's clear to me that she is going to be a pretty girl. The only time she cries is when she is hungry or when her diaper gets changed. She is a perfect baby. She even opened her big eyes for a long time while Kathy and I were visiting. As if she really wants to participate in the world already.

Dad and mom are calling her the "little dragon lady". This because the little one does a lot of talk in dragon like sounds! (Have you ever heard baby dragons? Just like that!) Kathy and I both held the little one and enjoyed her new presence in this world. What surprised me about this was that our enjoyment for the little dragon lady showed through it in totally different ways.

Kathy was almost eating up the little one and started fantasizing about a third child for her own family. I could see how she must have enjoyed her children when they were just born. I would not have been surprised if the boxes with baby clothes that we brought for the little one would have gone home again with us, because...!

Ok, the last sentence was jokingly said but her way of enjoyment was different from mine. When I was holding the little one, I was in awe about how "nature" can create such a beautiful baby with the help of two parents. I was in awe about how small a baby can be, while all parts of the body are working properly already. I was in awe with her Buddha presence. And in awe with the pleasure the parents had and the glow of happiness they beamed through the room.

I never thought once: "ohh, I would like to have one", or "I would like to bring this cutie home with me" or "I wish I was them".

Hmm, something wrong with me?

I don't think so! In my late twenties I decided that I didn't want to have children myself. I decided that I wanted to spend my time in other ways. For quite some time now I hold the belief that women do not need to have children. I believe that it's this belief that made me give the "grandma" response instead of the "mother's instinct" response. 

So dragon lady, welcome to this world! By the time you are a toddler, "grandma" Iris and you can conquer the world together in space ships and by visiting the gnomes.  Until then, know I am celebrating every step you take to become big and strong!

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