Monday, October 19, 2009

Do you forget things?

Early this morning I knew that I would not be able to post an article, so I posted a quick note which said that I would post my article later this afternoon! This way I could write the article after my sessions and you would not have to guess when it would show up. Wasn't that great thinking?!

Then during my day, I "forgot" to write the article. This afternoon, I took time to work, do a workout, and do my singing exercises. Five minutes ago, while sitting on the couch being hot and sweaty from my workout, I realized that I "forgot" to write and post an article!

The word forgot always makes me smile, because I no longer believe in the concept of forgetting. For years, I was a victim of my forgetfulness. My forgetfulness was a weapon used against me, and I believed I had no way of controlling it.

Today, I see that my forgetfulness has nothing to do with me not being in control. I believe in this moment that I am totally in control and my actions were orchestrated by me with precision! I could have scheduled my calendar in a way that it would have reflected my plans to write this article this afternoon, but I didn't do it!

So, seeing that I didn't schedule time for me to write the article, I purposefully and deliberately made room for "forgetfulness"; I decided that instant that I could make other things more important. I opened the door for that option and then I took it!

I'm just realizing that by not scheduling writing into my calendar for this afternoon, and by not writing in the announcement this morning that I was planning to forget to write a post, I also was totally inauthentic with all of you.

I am a liar! Wow!

Luckily, I will have a new chance tomorrow! You will find that article early morning!

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