Thursday, October 15, 2009

Beautiful Art

We love Sushi. And so we regularly eat Sushi. And going to the same places regularly, we know who works where. We have our favorite places, and favorite waiting staff!

In the past "B" was one of our favorite waitresses. A bright woman with a beautiful smile whom never shied away for any of Mark's spontaneous but sometimes challenging questions. No, instead she would embrace any challenge with her arms wide open and she would always come back for more and more... We also admired her ability to create the same kind of questions in return to be answered by us. She brightened up our meals with discussion and laughter. We felt at home with each other!

But the time came that we had to say goodbye to B. She moved to North Carolina to live with her boyfriend. She left everything she knew behind to start over in a totally new area. I must tell you: our Sushi dinners have not been the same!

Circa six weeks ago, B and I spoke over the phone. She sounded like she was sitting next to me on the couch like nothing had changed. But things had changed! She told me that she was still getting used to her new situation and had not yet found a new job. She also was still finding out where to go to meet new people, have fun, become part of the community etc. 

In our conversation, we were talking about all the different aspects of the move and so I asked her not only about all the challenges to overcome, but also about the most wonderful things that had happened since I saw her last, and about how she was creating enjoyment for herself in her new situation.

This is where she told me that she had started painting. And that she really loved it. Now, you have to know that I love people who start and do new things, things they never done before. And so I was very exited about her doing this. I told her about this blog and how I started it just because I believed I had something to share that would be interesting to some others. And I asked her if she had planned to share her art with others.

She had never thought about sharing it, outside of hanging it on her wall in her living room, but she was exited to explore that possibility. I told her that the web is a great medium for it, she could start her own website, sell pieces on Ebay etc! Yes, I get excited very easily!

I told her to send me some pictures, that I then would post on this blog, so she could share her new skill with the world and inspire others. She sent me six pictures, from which I picked a couple to add to this article.

Now, I want you to take a good look at B's paintings in this article and to ask yourself: "is this inspiring to me?". If the answer is "yes", ask yourself "how?". If your answer is "No", ask yourself "why?". And I invite you to share your thoughts with B and us by leaving a comment.

I wish you an inspiring day!


  1. Iris: I am also personally inspired & excited to see people starting something new, making a break with a long-standing pattern, and also just plain connecting with other people in a deep & meaningful way. I guess it's because my own mode (growing up) used to be the opposite of all these things.

    My comments on these pictures: I'm no experienced judge of art, not even a connoisseur, but I really loved these pictures, especially the clean & simple lines and composition. Reminds me of some Oriental paintings I've seen. Currently I have no art on my walls, but can imagine these being among the first ones.

  2. Hello Sree, thanks for your response. B.'s art seems somehow peaceful to me and I hope she will continue her ambitions. She told me something about a certain style she is developing, but I forgot the name. Maybe she can inform us about that in a comment!

    I love seeing other people do new things. It makes me aware of all the possibilities I have by embracing something new, something I have never done before! It's also a great way to get to know and relate to new people.

    In the last year, I have been doing a lot of that, and it is really empowering! I hope that people around me notice and also start to open themselves up for new experiences...

  3. Hello Iris

    Thank you so much for the beautiful, encouraging words :) And for the opportunity to get to know other people. I will be logging in more often and when I find the confidence I will write an article about how I never give up and never will [off course if its alright with you or what can I do to be able to?]. I see now, what you told me a few weeks ago about the new possibilities that can happen. I have a customer who ordered to make them a painting once I showed them the pictures that were on my phone. And I am planning to rent a small table at a market in Downtown Charleston to sell some products from Thailand. I think I will keep trying new things and if it does not work then so be it.



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