Friday, September 4, 2009

Waiting for the Sun

One of the things that Iris loves to do is sing. Whereas some people seem to have been born with all the skills required to sing amazingly, Iris has had to work at it.

And she has. She really practices singing. She reads about singing. She pursues on-line courses on singing. She's going for it.

Lately, Iris has started to make some real breakthroughs. She's increased her usable range by an octave, she's developed solid pitch, and she's come into a style which is really her own. (We're still working on how to get Dutch people to off straight-time, but even that's coming along.)

Iris' main focus now is the "doing it consistently part". It's a joy to watch Iris sing and to be part of the whole process. For those of us in our little band who have played professionally for years, Iris's heart, attitude and persistence are inspirational.

Waiting for the Sun
In addition to singing, Iris has been writing songs; she's become our band's lyricist. As we develop new music, Iris creates melodies and lyrics to go with them.

One day, when Iris had first started working on her singing, she began singing a song in Dutch. I noticed a remarkable difference between her singing in English and singing in Dutch. In Dutch, Iris was much more relaxed and her singing was much better. I commented on it and she decided that she would write some songs in Dutch.

One of the first songs she wrote was called "Het Strand". It's about going to the beach on a cold and rainy summer day, and then waiting for the sun to emerge from behind the clouds. Because you never know...

Showing Up
Woody Allen is quoted as saying,
"Eighty percent of success is showing up."
I gotta admit, I agree with him, though I might extend it to ninety percent. I've talked to so many people for whom the most significant events in their lives occurred as a result of having decided to simply go here or try this or call so-and-so. People who met the love of their life... People who found the best job ever... People who discovered their greatest passions... on and on.

To me, the most inspiring of these stories are those that involve the suspension of doubt, disbelief and ambivalence. People who didn't really feel like going, but went anyway... People who didn't believe they could do it, but went for it... People who weren't sure about how things would turn out, but tried it out...

Calling the Shot?
One of the things that has become part of my modus operandi (MO), one of the things that some people seem to really like about me and others not so much, is that it never occurs to me that I can't do something.

It's not like I'm courageous or brave or strong or any of those kind of admirable words. It's just that the thought doesn't occur.

As a result of this, when talking about a new project or endeavor, I always approach it with either inspiring or infuriating certainty (your choice). The people who find the practice infuriating will often ask, "How do you know you can do that?"

After thinking about it, I guess I don't know that I can do it. But I also don't know that I can't do it. So, I might as well pick the former.

The typical response is then, "OK, so how are you going to do it?"

My response usually is, "I don't know."

I mean, why would you take on something new that you already know how to do? You do that enough times and you'll end up with Alzheimer's or something from continually working the same old neural pathways. Kind of like repetitive stress for the brain.

What I've found, is that I can always figure out some way to get from here to there. It may not be the way I originally imagined and the there that I started with may end up being a different there than the one I end up with, but still, there always seem to be a way.

I'm still working on the difference between being able to do anything and being able to do everything. But for now, the anything side seems to work.

Are You in the Game?
So what sun are you waiting for?

Are you waiting on the beach, or are you lying in bed?

Are you waiting for the weather man to guarantee that the sun will show its face today, or are you heading out door without guarantees?

Are you waiting for someone to tell you how to get to the beach, or have you decided that you'll figure a way to get there regardless of what comes your way?

As they used to say on the lotto commercials, "You gotta play to win!"

Wishing that you find yourself in the perfect spot when your sun rises.

Have a great Friday!

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