Sunday, September 27, 2009

Little Voice...

This morning we drove back home from New York after picking up my Dutch friend Paul. Paul will stay with us over the next two weeks. In the car we discussed the busy schedule we have for the next weeks and how to make his holiday as fun as possible while we also get lots of things done.

Paul is here to play harmonica for the first CD we are creating with our band No Room for Jell-o. But this is not the only project going on at this time. Some of our other open projects are: starting new companies while doing other work that brings in the money, compiling a book, make sure we have articles for the blog, creating the CD and doing performances, making some fixes around the house etc.

After we came home this morning, I did some cleanup around the house, needed to clean up the mess I made earlier in the week. In meanwhile a little voice in the back of my mind was repeating to myself: "hey, you did not yet post your article on the blog" and "hey, you had promised to get this information to this person" and hey, you had planned too.."

I dealt with this by making myself a big list with all the upcoming tasks and work the list down based on priorities. This feels good and I feel I am in charge by picking what I do first and what can wait. I am always surprised how little time I have for all the things I want to do! If there would be 36 hours in a day, I still would not get bored!

How do you handle your busy schedule? Do you repeat the things you want to remember to yourself constantly? Do you have other ways of handling it?

I wish you all an organized Sunday!

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