Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Are you out of rhythm?

[Time+flies+fast.gif]I looked at my daughter this evening, as we wrapped up our night time routine and thought "Where did the past 8 years go?"  Doesn't it sometimes feel like time is zooming by?   July 7, 2001 was just a minute ago.  We were  racing down the West Side highway trying to get to the birthing center before my contractions started coming any faster, pulling up to the Elizabeth Seton Birthing Center on 14th Street at 4:25pm.  Simonne-Anais Michel was born at 6:15pm.  It was pretty quick, and I was home the next day.  By my rough estimate, 2995 days have passed.  Wow!!  How could almost 3000 days feel like a moment??

I thoroughly enjoy being a mommy, but I have to admit to flying through too many moments.  It seems like modern life is so much about the 'doing' and not the 'being'.  I can become over-scheduled in a minute!  So many things on the schedule crowd out many of the big rocks, the really important things.  Sometimes, even when the schedule is balanced, my execution of it is very unbalanced, with discomfort, anxiety and more of the same.  With the kids, I have to resist the social pressures to do more... more activities, more craft, what about sports, more, more more... Out of balance!!  I feel tired thinking about it.

Life is about rhythm.  We breath in and out. We experience the rhythm of the seasons, of day and night.  The rhythm helps us recognize the passing of time and to register the memories in the season.  I am working on creating life giving rhythms for myself: ones that support my intention to savor life and be present in every moment.  I realize that I have been slowing myself down.  When I feel like things are moving too quickly, I do exactly what would do in the playroom with my son.  I stop my thoughts, tune in to me, then to my surroundings.  I take a deep breath and just be grateful.

Fast forward to last Sunday. The kids and I were very excited and motivated by our mural painting field trip a few weeks ago, so decided to paint a mural on our garage door.  We talked about it for weeks, drew sketches of the animals and flowers for our mural and then the day came, a perfect, sunny, mild day.  We all went outside, transferred the sketches to the wall (a friend who is an artist is helping us), and started mixing colors and putting base paint on the wall.  It was a beautiful day.  I spent it moving slooowly, savoring the moments, enjoying the kids (most of the time) and thinking how great it was to be living this day slowly.

What if every day was like Sunday?  What if I took the time to magnify each moment, to savor it, be delighted in it?  What if I decided to make every second orgasmic?  I don't have to have every day as a slow day (though I think I would really enjoy that!) but even when my current activity requires intensity and velocity, I can still magnify every second!

As you know, I'm on the theme of intentions.  So my intention in all this is to sit in the moment of my life, magnify it and delight in it.  I will have delightful, memorable times of both alacrity and laziness as I create the rhythm I want in my life.

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  1. Faith, What a cool blog! As I read it, I realized that, for me, the rhythm has nothing to do with amount of activity, it's about how present I am in the activity.

    Once I start slipping out of "doing" and into "getting done", my whole experience changes. I'm definitely not present or savoring.

    The seeming paradox to me is that I often slip into "getting done" mode when the actual volume of activity is lower. When I have a lot to do, I tend to be more present and in the moment. When I have less to do, I tend to wander.

    I'm going spend the rest of the week really paying attention to when I slip from doing to getting done, and then just slip back.

    Thank you!


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