Friday, August 21, 2009

Who is the observer?

Last night I played with the band my second performance ever. We had a great time. We did a great job. We had fun visitors. We had birthday cake for Pete. It was so cool.

Now six hours later, I'm writing this blog before heading out to work. The adrenaline has gone back to normal (lower) levels and I while thinking back at the situation I'm asking myself how did it go?

People were having fun. That's a good sign!
People making compliments. That's a great sign!
People applauding. That's awesome!
People were dancing. Now that says something!

A little voice in my head comments on these words: I believe we improved 1000% from the first performance. I also see possibilities to improve a 1000% by the next performance. You do great, but it can be the beginning of greatness if you...

In meanwhile I am observing myself having this conversation with myself and I notice how I'm going from the" bliss me" to the "comment me" and how the different "me's" influence my thoughts, energy, enthusiasm etc.

This comes to a question that Mark and I have discussed regularly over the years: who is the observer that observes the things we do and experience? I would like you to really think about this and than answer it. It's a very interesting question to ponder!

In meanwhile: little voice I hear you. But for now I am ignoring you and I am going to sail a little longer on the wind of bliss...

Have a great day everyone!

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