Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's In A Dream?

Mary: What's in a dream? Usually people have dreams they forget, or don't pay attention to. But there certainly are dreams that will keep you busy, by thinking about them. One of these dreams may be a very conscious one, which could be something you dream of to do. For example being this great investigator who will discover the one thing people are looking for. Or you may dream about how to create a large amount of money. You may dream of becoming this world famous writer or the most famous formula 1 driver ever.

Using Dreams For Inspiration
But there are other dreams that come to you, dreams you dream at night that will provide you with another thought in awakening. Like the finding of the love you always wanted to. Like the knowing that everything is possible when you start to believe in it. It's all about believes you create. The most empowering capacity you can imagine is right inside of you. Being more aware of that, you can connect to that enormous field of energy we call the universe, the universe that can provide you with everything you ask for. Now here comes another interesting part, you can choose what to do with it! You can choose to connect with this powerful thought you woke up with, or you can let it go.To me, a dream is a channel through which we can receive certain insights we are looking for. Every time when you are looking for an insight, you can be aware of the question and trust on it that it will be given to you in a dream. Still, a dream will not only appear to be the regular one you may have at night. Dreams may come to you during the day as well. When you are in this "hazing off", or zoning- out atmosphere, riding on your bike without any particular thought, this insight may reach out for you in ust a second. Sometimes this will happen when you open your eyes the next morning and you drift away for a few seconds. Sometimes it will take a while before you get the answer, or the insight. But no matter what, the dreams you have are connected to the things we desire and long for. Just give it a try! It will provide you with some unexpected miracles...

Brian: For me, dreams are a great pipeline into what my waking world is like. What comes up when the lights go down? Do the things I didn't deal with or worried about during the day remain and invade the mood of my dreams? (They did in the past). Or is this a place where I can visualize a future not yet realized-even without a conscious mind as a guide? (As they often are now.) What about becoming an aware, active participant in your dreams, while you are dreaming? Oh, yes, it's possible! What would the implications of that be?

For the first part of my life, dreams were either a mix of wild, wonderful explorations of a blending of worlds or a harrowing, downward spiral of nightmares - expressions of the fear I felt in life bleeding into my dreams...

Using Dreams For Empowerment
After I first ripped my fears away I was left with a huge hole in my life where fear had been and found that my dreams reacted accordingly. Most nights ended up being a delightful blending of the joys of the day and the anticipation of the future. Occasionally, the last remaining fear, that of being in "free-fall", that is, the condition of zero or near-zero effective gravity (such as during a skydive or on many thrill rides during a drop), would make it's way into my dreams. Because that was the only fear I had left that I could find, when it manifested in my dreams, I would find myself falling from a pier thousands of feet above the water, falling out of an airplane, or hanging by a root off a cliff far above the water. The last scenario was the one I found myself in when I had my first effective dream. While hanging thousands of feet above the crashing sea below, holding onto a fast-slipping root, I felt enough fear inside the dream to raise my consciousness to the point where I was aware that I was in a dream. And I thought, "Well, if this IS a dream, then I can control anything I want inside it!" So I imagined myself lifting into the air, trying to fly myself to a safe spot at the flat top of the ridge. Within the dream, it seemed I had to exert a GREAT EFFORT to even lift an inch above the cliff edge, but all of a sudden I realized that I was actually doing it! With continued effort, like pushing myself to new limits in the gym, I was able to move, hovering a few inches above the ground, to the top of the hill and drop to the ground safely. Wow, an amazing sense of triumph welled up within me! I could actually control my dreams without waking up! Over the next few months I had another 5-6 episodes of effective dreams, each time finding a way to alter the outcome to prevent the fall.

So what can I take from this? That was the question I asked of myself, since I felt this was an amazing new ability that I never knew existed (I have since talked to others who have experienced this). The answer for me was: I did something I didn't believe was possible, so what if I just applied that to my waking life as well? Decide that even if something seemed impossible, I would just decide to go after it anyway, believe it would happen and go from there! Whether or not any of my "impossible dreams" in waking life succeeds or not is not really the question. The joy is in the journey! I have such a wonderful and exciting time in the process, that success will just be an extra bonus!

What about you? The choice is yours: go after your dreams even if they seem impossible, or stay in what you know you can do, in what is "safe". What is something you want from your life that seems "impossible"? Will you go for it anyway?

With big love and hugs, Mary and Brian

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