Saturday, August 15, 2009


Have you ever been thinking about your day in triple speed? Thinking so fast that you become dizzy? Overwhelmed? Once my day has a a few things scheduled that need a bit of organization to pull them all off with reasonable efficiency, it's as if my brain speeds up....Like thinking quickly will help me to act quickly and get everything done. I whip up a mental frenzy. Of course, you know what that means! That's right, I stop being present, and am not enjoying those moments of my life at all.

So my intention today is to practice being present and savor every moment. Savor, that's like really delicious dessert and the lingering taste in your mouth and you pause to think "Mmmmmmm". That's like really good coffee, the organic Arabic I'm going to brew shortly. That's like a moment with one of the kids while they show me their current craft project and I remind myself how awesome their brains are. You pick your favorite thing to savor. Get the idea?

Today, the children and I are going to participate in a mural painting in Brooklyn. After that, Jaedon has an appointment with a cranio-sacral therapist. This is typically not a savoring day for me. Faith has previously chosen not to enjoy excursions in which she is the sole adult along with her three children, in wide open spaces where Jaedon could do something that requires physical or emotional strength and her other two children can capitalize on her weakness and .... Painting a mural is dicey. But, I've made a different choice today. I'm savoring. I'm savoring the privilege of being out on a gorgeous day with 3 of my favorite people in the world, living my homeschooling dream. I'm savoring visiting my honey at work, (the park is close to his job). I'm looking forward to time with Jay, just hanging out while Simonne and Zachary get themselves possibly destroyed by paint. I'm going to savor time together in spite of traffic, or other conditions that might tempt me to not savor.

So, here we go! I'll keep you posted on the mural painting and exactly what I get the opportunity to savor today. Hope you are savoring this moment in your life too!


  1. Painting pictures, ahh.
    Isn't that what we awesomely do, continuously? The picture, interpretation we hold mentally, of what is going on, determines the flavor of our experience of the 'present.' Savor on painter-creator hugs BW

  2. I like that painter frame. I create the pictures, I can add paint, repaint,....Gonna get my brush out right now. I love it!


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