Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Savoring ... Part 2

I'm sooo glad I decided on having my 'savoring' intention for our mural painting day. We had a great time, so many positive moments, so many memories created. There were many opportunities to pursue other intentions (like complaining) but my code word, savoring, short circuited the downhill slide and put me right back on the path I wanted to be on. It reminded me to stay clear and comfortable on my insides. I'm so glad I took those savoring opportunities, especially the ones on the Whitestone Bridge in construction traffic making a 20 minute ride into an hour. I found myself driving and thinking 'savoring, savoring,...' over and over, and feeling the tension disappear, and the wonderful warm gratitude for the moment flooding my insides. The opportunity I almost didn't take was hidden in the disagreement with my husband, leading to the almost argument, about something I can't even remember now! I reminded myself not to judge that, and went right back to 'savoring, ...'

So hear is what I learnt.
  1. Decide on a clear intention for my day
  2. Create a positive intention of something I'm going to do, vs an intention about something I'm going to stop doing (so an intention of 'not complaining' would not have been as useful for me as 'savoring' or 'gratitude')
  3. Having a clear intention before I am in the situation in which I want to act out my intention greatly increases my chances of living out that intention.
  4. Pre-playing (visualising) myself acting in my clear positive intention in the face of some typically challenging situations can be very helpful.
  5. Celebrate the times that I act in my clear positive intention, vs judging, reprimanding and scolding myself for the times I don't

So I'm going to be more intentional about having a daily, clear intention. I think my intention for tomorrow will be 'relaxing'. What will yours be?

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  1. ahh yes, the freedom to focus. Half-full, half empty. Flavor of our life is entirely self-chosen.
    Thanks for the delightful reminder. (delight was my choice ;) )


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