Saturday, August 1, 2009

Quite Simply....THANK YOU

It's been so wonderful and amazing to come back to the Berkshires after 7 months to visit my friends. The way we all connect so instantly, it's like I've haven't been gone. I am so grateful for the loving, happy, authentic, and fabulously fun family I have created for myself!

I remember being in a class and that the subject of gratitude came up. The class was asked how gratitude has changed their lives. I answered the question but my answer came out muttled and without umph and passion. I explored why I was speaking that way and realized it was because I didn't believe I could capture and express how grateful I am for gratitude! My feelings seemed too big for words and I was judging my simple response (and consequently lived up to my belief)--which went something like: " it's good". Now I see this response as so cute and so me! And I am constantly changing. SIMPLE IS GOOD!

I've changed my attitude from depressed and self-critical to happy, empowerd, present and loving by being and expressing gratitude moment to moment.

I would like to share some of this beautiful life changing gratitude with you and a poem I recently wrote.

Thank you Susan for opening your home and bringing us all together--what a warm and touching welcome. Thank you Rita for being so open and honest with me. Through the lessons we offer each other, we can see that we really are the same at our core, even though we seem so different. Thank you Paula for your passion, for believing in me and sharing your dreams and yourself with me. Thank you Katrina for encouraging me to be myself. Thank you Camila for loving me so deeply for no reason. Thank you Burr for living your song. Thank you for coming B-ruce it simply wouldn't be the same without you there. Thank you Tim and Athena for your ways in this world--you show me anything is possible.

Thank you Kim for your delight in life, your child-like joy in all that you do. I love singing randomly and playing guitar with you. Thank you Mark for your smile and hugs--so heartwarming. Thank you Iris for being an excited friend always eager to listen. Thank you Julie for being a never ending friend, always supportive, teaching and inspiring me to connect. Thank you Brandi, Becky, and Paula for singing your heart song--you inspire me. Thank you David for your constant eye contact, smiles, words, laughter and crashing into the mat with much fun we had. Thank you brownies for returning Kim's keys! I am so so so blessed!

a sparkle of magic
between friends
seeing myself in you
our similarities are true
learning from and
honoring differences
they make this world
more fun
sharing joy
uniting as one
we click
and I can
with anyone
a choice,
my intention
I hear your call:
connection is
the best
teacher of

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