Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Change Your Belief, Change Your Life.. Momentarily: Part II

Over the past few days, I received several calls and emails from people who expressed concern on the part of others regarding my blog Change Your Belief, Change Your Life.. Momentarily. As the case may be, the people expressing the concern were not the people who actually had the concern, so I'm piecing this together. Nonetheless, I'm going to take a crack at addressing what I think the concern might be.

In my blog, I talk about how many people who participate in personal development programs seem to make changes, but then later don't seem to follow through with the changes. Their changes in belief seem to lack staying power.

I believe that the first concern is that this is somehow and indictment he programs or the philosophy.

It hadn't occurred to me that this would be the case or even appear to be the case. It would be akin to purchasing a bouquet of flowers, leaving them locked in the car on a hot day, taking them home and never giving them water, and then blaming the florist.

An Amazing Place to Learn and Grow
However, if you see the florist as the culprit in this scenario, then I want to be clear. I've participated in programs that are simply amazing. I absolutely love the teachers' styles and manner of facilitating class. I've never experienced anything like it and would absolutely recommend taking a program to anyone who can get there no matter where you are in life.

It's Up to You
I also believe that, as would be the case with receiving the world's most beautiful and stunning bouquet of flowers, what you do with gift received at the program and how you care for it is up to you. If you want the changes to last, then you want to determine the best ways to nurture and grow your new beliefs.

Part IIa
Louis (whom I mention in the blog), sent me an email today expressing that I hadn't accurately reflected his perspective in my blog. It wasn't clear to me whether he meant specific words used or the general concept of people needing to do more than just take a program to see lasting change. So, I've asked him to let me know. When he does, I'll let you know.

However, to be clear, I like to include the people who participate in any discussions that appear in my blog. It's not so much to chronicle who said what to whom, when they said it, and why; it's just to provide a bit of context and color.

You might have noticed that our blog is open to comments from anyone. If you ever disagree with what I say, or feel that I've misrepresented you, or think I'm completely off, please I'd welcome comments and insights.

Have a great afternoon!

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