Thursday, August 13, 2009

Being present

written by Julie Sando

I was flying from Massachusetts to Canada today, daydreaming about my future. I found myself getting excited for my upcoming move to California in October. I realized a phrase that has been quite familiar to me: "I can't wait until..." I noticed that I think this phrase a lot. Then I started daydreaming about my road trip out to California... and I wandered to my exciting day tomorrow.... and then I got excited to land in an hour. Eventually, we landed... and again, I became aware of my thought "I can't wait to meet Mike," (who was picking me up from the airport). On the drive to my hotel I was excited about tomorrow's outreach. Mike and I were exploring the concepts of being present and when I checked in to my hotel and settled in I began realizing how much I am always looking forward to something rather than truly, deeply enjoying what is happening in this very moment.

So my new intention for the week is to catch myself fantasizing about an upcoming event and to take notice about what is so great about this current moment... as I am sure I found great excitement in it days earlier!... It will be easy to find/create great excitement in moment.

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  1. You're having an outreach in Canada? Wish'd it was more widely publicized where....Larry


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