Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My double-life

I'm not sure what I was doing exactly, but somewhere in the last night I was realizing that I have started to run a double life.

The first me, is the one you all know. The one who has insecurities, questions, doubts, an amazing husband and a beautiful life. The one who writes these articles and the one who is always developing herself into a happier version of herself.

The other me, is the one the children meet in the playroom or people meet during the attitudinal coaching sessions. This is the one who during the interactions is 100% happy, 100% engaged and 100% non-judgmental. She is observant, and adapts easily to whatever goes on. She is funny and authentic and present. She is a great friend.

This morning while writing this article, I realize that I like the playroom me better! I realize that I allow myself to be bigger and more fun in the playroom then anywhere else. I am deciding that I want to de-compartmentalize myself again into one person. The playroom version!

I think this whole insight started with my friend staying here and me being inauthentic (see my article from yesterday) and then having to doing a dialogue about it to figure out why. I also read a quote from wonderful autism specialist called Aaron Deland on Facebook that says "my job is making friends". And I totally agree with that! So why not doing it all the time!

I already do it 120 minutes at one time and I love it. So I am going to allow myself to grow this attitude over longer periods of time! Isn't life beautiful!


  1. Hey Iris,
    I love this!
    Thank you

  2. I'm loving it too Iris. I'm getting a wee fuzzy sense there might be a difference between judging and assessing, particularly in the sense of how Option discerns the application. Its still not entirely clear though, and, I'm thinking easily misunderstood by those not fully indoctrinated. Can you explain or give some more examples of this difference? hugs


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