Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Is There a Dog in Your Dreams?

Is there a dog in your dreams? This is what a not-quite 4 year old with autism asked me today, out of the blue. What an interesting question! I had already been wanting to write about dreams in this blog. I wonder if he read my mind!

I've been coming everyday to this blog to read other posts (sometimes re-reading). I find it very inspirational and encouraging (its like getting a big hug from my friends) to read the words of people who think like me but in different flavors.

The other day I realized I'm in such a place of happiness that I don't want anything other than what I have exactly in this moment. This is not a usual feeling for me. I've always had goals, things I wanted to change about myself or about my life. Nothing against goals or wanting change. I'm just really happy to be exactly as I the point that if nothing EVER changed, I would be perfectly! Now that is happy!

This happy place has been the perfect place for dreaming. It feels like I am jumping and playing on big, white puffy clouds.

I haven't actually been dreaming of dogs lately. When I was younger, I used to think that one day I would live on a farm with people with autism or in a forest with horses (yes, I know I am a rare bird). This dream has changed...slightly. Now, I dream about living in an intentional community with people who live the same kind of basic philosophical ideas. It would be a place that all the autistic kids would be accepted and cherished. We would all support each other, grow our food and use alternative forms of energy. Sounds wonderful, right?

I like conscious dreaming. It is a full-being experience, as if I already have whatever I am dreaming about. Wayne Dyer says: "We attract what we are, not what we want". So, I've become an intentional community for myself. How funky cool, I love it.

As a child, I used to dream that when I got home from summer camp, my family would all get along and be happy together. That dream didn't so much come true then. But as grown ups all moved out, we get along quite nicely.

I used to dream that I would have a family or close friends I could share openly and honestly with, talk about concepts that interested me that were important to my life. This dream has most definitely come true with the people I learned to know during my training.

For a long time, I dreamed I would write books for children! And I cool. I am entering a story I wrote about autism into a contest to be published.

I still on a daily basis dream of playing the guitar and singing (campfire style) is not a question of if I will, it is simply a matter of when I want to do it, I do it.

What are your current dreams (for yourself, your child, your family)? What were your childhood dreams? Have any come true or do you still dream about them? Are you, on a daily basis, doing things that you dream about doing?

Happy Canada day everyone and keep on dreaming


  1. you also dream, of, or do you write/sing your own 'optiony-perspective' into your songs?

  2. I love your dream about being involved in an Option-friendly community, too! I had completed mentor certifcation at the Option Institute this past January (a huge dream come true for me)and now I am looking to move to a tropical paradise. I have been sending out e-mails and searching the web trying to find a location that may already have an Option group that meets regularly. Wouldn't it be so great to live around a community of people interested in making happiness their top priority?!? In a warm climate?!? Does anyone else share this dream?
    Much love,
    Tracee Elliott

  3. Love it Tracee! Love, warmth and happiness they go so well together. Let's do it!!!

  4. Sounds great to me, Jeannene! In response to the e-mails I have sent out, I think there may be a group in Hawaii. St. Croix had a couple people. I had recently spent a month on Clearwater Beach, Florida and it was gorgeous. I was curious if you had a specific place in California in mind. Love, Tracee


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