Saturday, June 6, 2009

What is the direction of our choices?

I'm more and more amazed about how many different opportunities we get presented during the day to make choices. Every minute of the day we make choices leading towards or away from love and happiness, but it is not always clear at the instant of the choice where it will lead. So, how do we choose?

When a choice occurs, can you imagine you hear yourself ask: does this choice lead towards or away from my wants? Does it lead towards God or Satan (I'm not grown up religious, but BW reminded me of this question)? Does it lead towards love and happiness? Does this choice reflect who I am? Does this choice influence me and who I am in the world? Am I the choice made? Does this choice support who I want to be in the world? What if I change my mind later?

If we have to answer these questions every time a choice is presented, we will probably move very slow and do not make decisions easily. Also if we first want to have proof that our decisions help us to get to our goals or will move us in a certain direction, we might never be able to make the decision in the first place.

So, what about creating a grid with supporting beliefs and wants that help you overcome these questions very quickly and tackle choices easily?

Let me give you some examples of things on my grid:

  1. I want to make choices that support my beliefs around how to be in the world.
  2. I belief that there are many ways in which we can be supportive of each other and I want find more and more new ways in which I express my want to be supportive.
  3. I believe that by tomorrow I have grown tremendously from my experiences today.
  4. In my vision of myself I am constantly developing new skills and deeper understanding in the areas of compassion, love and happiness, I believe that this filter will help me make choices that focuses on these areas.
  5. I belief it is never too late to change my mind, so if I make a choice today that seem not in line with my wants tomorrow, I can change them at that moment.

The beliefs above seem to really help me to easily make choices in the moment. It is not a my complete grid and I am working on reviewing and updating my list. What is on your grid?

If you would like to create a grid for yourself, but you don't know where to start, you can still take action by following one of more of the following suggestions below:
  1. Contact an Life Coach. Chris, Iris, Joy and other trained life coaches can help you clarify your ideas and help you create beliefs that will make you more empowered, because you don't have to question every choice that is presented to you.
  2. Read some of the books you find on our website.
  3. Find and participate in (other) groups that look at beliefs and help empower people.

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  1. LOL i overlooked that you referenced me above. All I can add is what I've realized succulently from an Anthony Robbins chapter around vivid examples how "Questions are the Answer" Indeed, ask better questions to receive better answers. Is this choice 'useful' in pointing me towards God/Love/trusting, or towards imagening lack thereof? hugs Larry


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