Tuesday, June 23, 2009

There is no Try, only Do or No Do!

I used to be the total "I'll try, lady". I would try anything and everything and would do everything half. I also used to leave all my decisions around the "try" to others, which for sure compromises to develop into a do. I always told myself in situations where I didn't know if I could do it, that I could try it. While writing this down I realize that this is what most of us are taught as a kid anyway! Ever heard: sweetie, I know that might seem hard, but give it a try!

This weekend I was hanging out with a friend who is a filmmaker. We got into a discussion around insecurities we carry and feed around our work (she criticizing her latest film, I criticizing my singing qualities). We discovered that criticizing is not motivating to perform better, but is holding us back from doing all the actions needed to get better. We learned, there is only do or no do if you want to get better, and better, and better and…

We decided to take the cow by the horns and immediately take action. We shot all the film for a short documentary about a starting singer (guess who!). We didn't use scripts, special clothes of make-up, microphones. We only used a very regular small canon camera and shot spontaneously without any practice. The results look very promising. The shots seem true, pure, and real. It was such an experience for us in getting over the worries and hesitations and just do it. I'm sold. This is addictive!

So, in the last eight weeks I not only became a singer and a drummer, now I’m also a movie star! I'm enjoying my developments through the do or no do principle and invite you to join this way of learning and exploring!

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