Sunday, June 7, 2009


I'm at the health club with Mark. There is a green wooden shelf at the wall. It is used to put gym Id's on before we start and we take it out after we are done. Mark and I have not been for a while and we forgot our passes. But the staff was so friendly to let us workout anyway! When we left and passed the wall I see that my gym pass is on it. Wow, I must have forgotten it the last time I was there. I put it in my pocket and leave.

At home I notice that it is not my pass. Someone had made a forgery to make it look like my card. A lady is using this card. She uses my membership as hers. She put her photo over mine, and made some changes to the address. I'm surprised. How and why did she do this? I contact the gym and they look in my file. It turns out that three months earlier someone had written them in my name that I was moved to a new address. We fix the changes and I'm a one person member again at the gym!

Another moment. My husband and I are at huge ferry terminal. We are planning a trip. We are looking at the times the ferries go to the different places. A lady is running towards one of the ferry's employees and asks if there is still a ferry going to Den Helder today. When the answer is "no", she gets angry at the man. Then she runs of to find a train that can bring her where she wants to go. Mark and I see her go and are amused by this picture. What you can invite into your life if you want, we're thinking! We walk with our dog back home through the quiet picturesque neighborhoods of Enkhuizen in the Netherlands.

Then I wake up. It is Sunday morning seven o'clock and I have not yet written the blog for today. I feel an urge to start immediately. My dreams are very diverse, clear and real, but are over for the day! When I wake up I am not always ready, because I first want to finish something in my dreams! At those moments the dream is more important than waking up, because in that moment my dream is my real life.

So, what is real life? Is my want to write this blog right now a dream? Is there a difference between my dream life and my life today? Is one more important then the other? Is one true and the other false?

I think I want a cup of tea! Good morning, and have a great Sunday!

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  1. Dreams, when we sleep, can be fascinating for me. I'm often amused by how we are wired to make sense of everything, and how our brain faithfully serves up renditions or possibilities depending on our chosen, held attitude even if not addressed directly the previous day. I'm often amuzed how the substance, theme, and flavor of our sleep-dreams indeed can be a mirror of and revealing of what we are doing to ourselves. bw Larry


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