Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Most Repulsive Gesture Ever!

Even people living together can have very different beliefs and habits in different areas. This can sometimes lead to hysterical funny discussions and situations.

Today at lunch Mark was saying something. It might have been "what do you think about going home" but I'm not totally sure. I responded with a gesture that means (in my mind): good idea (brought with a joking touch)! It's meant to be funny and positive. Mark thinks very different about it! He told me that it is the most repulsive gesture ever! I had to laugh so loud and told him that he was so funny!

I said maybe I should make a little movie about it and put it on the blog. Mark's response in a serious voice: I don't understand why you worry at all about posting your music online when you are willing to post something like this on your blog!

Hmm, maybe I can post my most repulsive piece of recorded music another time! Today, enjoy the little movie I made. What comes up in your thoughts watching this? Why?


  1. People and their reactions can be fascinating. I'm curious why you did not respond with your Option Mentor hat on? Repulsive? how so, or in what way, how is it you come to make it up so. What would it mean or say if you didn't make it up to be so?

  2. Hi BW,

    Sometimes Mark and I amplify things to make our point! In this blog I wanted to show how different people can think about something seemingly so small. I personally like this. It makes the world a place where there is always more new things to experience and enjoy. Yes, there are new perspectives to learn. For me that doesn't mean that I challenge every unhappiness fueling word that comes over someone's lips. I leave that for a dialogue or to experience in an Option Institute class! If Mark tells me to be unhappy because he can not handle my "repulsive gesture", that would be a sign for me to start asking questions. Until then I just enjoy the moment :-)

  3. Hi Iris!

    I just love this post. I was laughing to tears watching "the gesture". I love your creativity...for posting such crazy stuff. Where else, (maybe on another planet) would someone do such an experiment? Taking a tiny slice of life and looking at it under the microscope.

    I'd like to know, in real life do you do it for as long as you do in the video? If so, I'd say it is a tad weird, a bit much...but I don't feel its repulsive though...but then again, I don't live with you!

  4. It just goes to show the power that our beliefs hold, because essentially putting up your thumbs is neither repulsive or funny - it's a way of communicating something that you expected mark to interpret in the same way as you - how funny that he thinks it means something completely different. I enjoyed watching your facial expressions on the movie, you look like you are having fun - certainly not the face of someone intending to be repulsive. In future though it might be best (as we say to our children with autism) to use your words : )
    Love hugs and smiles
    Alison Taylor

  5. Hi Iris!

    I am having difficulty writing this because I can't stop laughing after watching your video! I don't find it repulsive - just comical. I did notice that since the gesture was pre-labeled as the "most repulsive ever" and you mentioned being at lunch, I was expecting to see something pretty nauseating.
    Tracee Elliott


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