Sunday, June 21, 2009

I believe I can learn it, but I cannot do it right now!

This Thursday evening I was in the wonderful opportunity to enjoy a Jazz concert of Melody Gardot. She is a young lady with an amazing voice and I believe that she was even better during her live performance than you can hear her sing on her CDs.

The whole evening was wonderful and mesmerizing. The six man band were clearly used playing together and created the most amazing sound together. Nothing to loud, nothing to soft, it was just perfect. Melody talked her pieces together with little comments that showed her witty humor and she got lots of us to participate in laughter!

Afterwards I talked excitedly with Mark about the performance and I told him that I would love to learn to sing that way. He said: "what if you would believe that you already can sing that way?" I thought about it and said: "I don't believe that, but I do believe that I can learn how to sing that way". He asked me if it would not be more useful to believe I already can sing that way!

This conversation I have been running in my head over the last days. A part of me totally dismisses the idea that I can sing like Melody right now and so I resist to go with Mark's suggestion. But I can see that if I could adopt the believe that I can do the same things Melody does with her voice in this moment, I would probably improve way faster in my want to sing like her.

So I'm looking over and over at this situation and trying to figure out more and more about my motivations. Maybe this is all about judging myself? If I can already sing like here it is so stupid I'm not doing it?! Ahhhh, so much to explore! So much to learn!

Do you have situations in your life where you might progress faster by changing a belief, but you hold on to it anyway? Why are you doing that?

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  1. it sounds like a wee hang up in communication semantics, which can fascilitate or hamper ourselves. Mark suggested believing that you can, you resist with can't yet. The important fascilitator is to choose to believe that you can, and you will, and to aim yourself towards embracing that limitless ability you're endowed with, rather than wasting any of your limitless ability on resistance. hugs Larry


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