Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Everything is a gift

written by Julie sando

Do you think you can see every situation you encounter as a gift? That includes the annoying habits of your co-workers, the fight you just had with your spouse, your child's diagnosis, and the flu you are in the middle of.

What would happen if we decided to be grateful in the face of challenge? You may feel compassion for your co-worker, you may understand your spouse at a whole new level and grow through the experience, you may encounter a completely different way of viewing life and inviting new groups of people to be a part of your world, or you may realize you are releasing toxins which will help you be healthier in the long run.

It is up to us how we view our day to day lives. By looking for the gift we are inviting growth.

What is the last thing you felt challenged with? What is one way to feel grateful for that experience? If that was easy, think of another reason to feel grateful for that same challenge. Now think of your biggest challenge in life. What is one small way you can be grateful for that challenge? Keep growing your thoughts of gratitude and the gifts you receive will soon start to be the kind you enjoy opening as you will start to know that this is a benevolent Universe.

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    The 'PRESENT' is exactly that, a GIFT. The gift of an opportunity. An opportunity to choose, ones attitude. To value or not to value that is the determinator for me of our attitude, and what we 'choose' to see, is exactly what we get and experience. Life, as any of us experience it, is largely a 'do it to ourself' situation flavor-wise. Smilingly BW


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