Monday, June 15, 2009

Eight days a princess

One week ago I walked into our house after working in the garden, ready for a nice shower before the rest of my day would catch up. Opening the door I heard the sound of streaming water. I was confused to hear that sound and asked myself where that could come from. Walking into the house I stepped in this big puddle of water and I found the hot water machine splashing huge amounts of water.

As you can imagine my next actions were closing the water to the machine, cleaning up the water damage and getting the machine fixed as soon as possible. Unforeseen circumstances made that now eight days later I still do not have hot water!

Luckily this helped me to experience something that most of us, in the modern days, do not experience anymore and I am grateful and fully enjoying for the experience.

This morning I used the hot water cooker to boil hot water for my bath. I mixed in a big bowl some of the hot water with cold water to get the ultimate perfect temperature. I undressed and stood myself in the middle of the shower. I drenched a big cloth in the water until every cotton vessel was filled with water and I splashed it on my cold body. The hot water dripped over my body and cooled down while I was warming up locally where the water and cloth hit me. I repeated this game over and over again, while some of my body was cold, some was warm, and all was wet.

I made more hot water and sat on my knees while I washed my hair in the bowl. My head warm from the water and the rest cold. I drenched the leftover water over my cold body. I put my feet in the warm bowl while the rest of me covers itself with goose bumps.

The experience made me feel so alive. My body was taking care of me by opening and closing pores, tensing and relaxing under the cold and warmth. It is something I normally do not experience when I am under the shower, because all the hot water heats up the bathroom and the walls and floors. I feel I have returned to earlier centuries, and I enjoyed the experience.

True, I still would like to get my hot water back. But until then I just pretend that I'm a princess taking a bath in the sixteenth century...


  1. Great perspective, Iris. I can easily relate with this - growing up in India, very much in the twentieth century, that used to be a very common occurrence, even in city life. The only difference is that it wasn't considered royal :-) - though compared to less fortunate areas of the world, that could easily be.

  2. Sree, you remind me that there are still lots of people who have to walk to the water pump to bring the water home before they can do anything. I grew up in the fascinating rich western world and I realize that I can never be grateful enough for the luxury of having water coming out of the faucet! And if it is warm, it's just even an bigger luxury! For lots of people I am a princess today! Thanks for giving me an ever bigger perspective on this..

    Love XX


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