Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Bye-Bye... Have a Hug"

I have heard these words repeatedly over the last few weeks as they are the most beautiful words expressed by a child who only recently decided to speak and another who has never stopped speaking since she was a baby. It has been incredibly heart warming to watch Aly join in David's latest repetitous behavior and it has created lots of hugging throughout our home. People embrace in hugs, stuffed bears embrace in hugs, plastic cows embrace in hugs, Malibu Barbi and Ken embrace in hugs, even the dust bunnies hiding under the couch have been hugging. I never fully appreciated how incredibly wonderful hugging truly feels.

The hugging has been wonderful but the behavior following the hugs has been an interesting catalyst for reflection. The "bye-bye" part of David's ritual typically includes shoving someone out the door, throwing the stuffed bears across the room, flipping the plastic cows into their plastic pen, and the dust bunnies.... well, let's just say I'm never really sure where they will be found. Once the person or object is gone, David is quickly on to his next fascinating discovery.

After working through my discomfort the last time David slammed the door on one of our amazing volunteers while I was still talking to her and then had a tantrum when I held the door open to finish our conversation, I began to appreciate this behavior in a completely different way. Suddenly I was inspired by David's ability to let go of something he loves so deeply and move on to something else he loves equally with no apparent discomfort or sadness about letting go of the first. He seems to experience the world so fully and in such a unique way that letting go is the key to experiencing something new and believing it will be equally fulfilling. For me it has been a wonderful expression of living each minute of each day to the fullest with no concern about yesterday or tomorrow. David demonstrates a wonderful ability to create whatever expereince he wants to have with whatever toy or person he is with. He recreates a bonding experience full of love with himself, other people, toys, and yes... even dust bunnies simply because he knows he can.

How would your life be different if you fully believed that you could create whatever expereince you wanted with whatever circumstances you had? How would you feel if you believed that letting go was simply an invitation to experiencing something new that would surely be equally or more fulfilling?

Bye-Bye- Hugs to all,

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