Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekly Focus - Relationships (1)

Relationships with your family

How you do relationships is a very personal business. We all have our own perspectives on what works or doesn't work for us in our relationships. If there are lots of overlapping beliefs in our relationships, most of us seem more gravitated towards hanging out together then when the beliefs are very different from each other. Growing up in one family does not mean that all family members have the same beliefs and perspectives. When people know and accept these differences, and they connect with each other from a loving, open and non-judgmental place, beautiful relationships can exist.

Sometimes we make relationships harder than that. We want someone to be a certain way or want him or her to act a certain way. I believe it is important to know what you want to give and to get from the different relationships with all your family members. I believe it is also important to look at your beliefs so you can see how they influence your relationships.

So, how do you interact with your different family members? Who do you believe hold many of the same beliefs you have? Who seems to think very different than you? Are you able to accept the differences, and connect with each other from a loving, open and non-judgmental place? What are the beliefs you hold that keep you from being in this loving, open and non-judgmental place with al your family members?

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