Sunday, May 31, 2009

This article is powerful and important.

My mind is going in so many directions today. There is so much to explore, to discuss and to look at. There is so much happening in any moment, so much to be grateful for, so much to explore, so much to share! Thousands of possibilities in any moment. I feel blessed and exited to be able to share with you today.

I'm writing this article in the local coffee shop called Fuel in Great Barrington. Just a minute ago my friend Peter said hi to me. I told him that I was in the middle of writing this article. He responded: "maybe some day I will write a blog! I have thought about it, but it seems I do not have anything important to say". Hmmm…. I have heard this belief a lot lately from different people. And it is an interesting concept to me.

When you spend time in public places regularly, you hear lots of different conversations. In most conversations people seem very well able to verbalize their opinions. They tell clearly why the latest decision made by president Obama is the best or worst solution ever. They are clear on what makes this website suck and what makes that website great. They are clear why this restaurant (decent prices, big plates of food) is so much better than that other restaurant (small portions, awful service). They will tell you that the person on the table in the corner is smart, and that the person walking through the door is the village fool.

As soon as you ask people to write down the things they normally think and share, they go numb. They do not have anything "important" to share. I think this is so intriguing! What does important mean in the first place? Why seems the written word to be so powerful that it has to be important before it can be written down? When is something important enough that we can write about it? Who decides that?

I feel I can reflect about this and play with the material above for a long time to come. But for now I will share some of my beliefs I hold in this moment:

I believe that fear for consequences keep people from writing. If it is written down or recorded, other people who do not agree, might come back to it and start a discussion about what was written or said. People might decide that the writer is stupid, an idiot, has no principles, or anything else not flattering. Those people may not want to be their friends anymore, or might say bad ugly things about them.

I do not deny that this can happen. I do believe that there could be people out there who are reading this article right now and who might think exactly these things written above about me. And there could be consequences because of that. But I believe that this is only one side of the picture. Another side is that I present myself who I am today in a way as pure as possible. I am changing my beliefs every moment and I’m constantly growing and developing. I believe that sharing this I am touching and inspiring people with my thoughts right now. And while some people might decide they do not like what is happening I am embracing and supporting my other readers and helping them to develop their own thoughts and feelings. Isn’t this exciting!

So, in the end I believe it is all about what we as a writer make important and powerful and where we focus on. I encourage you to find the writer in you and to share what you believe is important and powerful. What is it that you focus on today?

Have a powerful Sunday!


  1. Oh Iris, I like it, I like it a lot......? "Why seems the written word to be so powerful that it has to be important before it can be written down? When is something important enough that we can write about it? Who decides that. ..? ....and, is that position useful, helpful, towards our becoming versed in who we create ourselves to be, belief wise, and focus ourselves upon?

    YES, everything that limits us can ultimately be traced to some subset of "Fear"
    It really excited me so much when I heard Bears share the idea, that fear does not exist....that there is only ONE emotion, we could label as Love,(trustingness), and that everything else is simply the absence of it......I'm not sure where or how that formulated with him or whether it was with his explorations in history or with Bruce, but WOW.......this has been huge for me, hearing that truth resonate with me over a dozen years ago....It colors and assists my appreciation of everyones choices.

    Another companion idea, i picked up, and found extremely useful in becoming 'Fearless,' aka in accepting, lovingly, 'what another thinks, says, does, is really none of my business.' And so, I take their choices, if non accepting, non valuing, whatever, with perhaps less than a grain of sand as to personal affront.....which I discover usually does no relationship much usefulness, as each argue or bicker back and forth as to I'm right so therefore you must be wrong, as reknowned DeBono wrote in a book on that idea about mindset and thinking usefulness.

    Bears put it in his tape on therapudic relationships example, 'nothing you say or do will change the love (I choose,) to have for/towards you' Don't you just love it?

    Larry, just a simple, playful BenevolentWarrior

  2. I decided to stimulate the quiet with your idea Iris...I'm sure you don't mind.
    "Hmmm. everyone seems either too busy, or deciding they have nothing another might appreciate. Did anyone catch Iri's's blog about beliefs that tend to limit one from writing, sharing their thoughts recently? Is this not just another sub-set of fear, the absence of 'Love,' as in 'God.'? She shared Sun, how her mind seemed going in so many much going on.....all the time, and explores the behavior many of us possibly can relate to....about writing, sharing, and procrastination. How, about sharing about that sub-set of fear we may be holding onto instead of sharing our celebration and embrace of God/Love."

    As to my personal religious make-ups, I don't put much value in imagening an actual Devil, or Hell. I can't know with certainty about that. I do think that if we imagine such, we put power in making it a reality for ourselves. I do enjoy the notion that the Devil, devilish thoughts, devilish actions, are simply the absence of choosing Love/Trust/God, by ones choice of focus, and thus action.....either emotionally, or physically in ones other words, out of an embrace of Love/God/Trustingness, and celebrating 'idolizing' that, or its absence, Fear/absence of God/ which many describe as Hell or the work of the Devil. I suggest it is simply a choice, a choice of the individual, where they put their power, and what they make bigger. playfully Larry

  3. I think that the idea of "importance" is interesting as you've posed it because of course, what is important to me could be irrelevant to you and visa versa.

    I was thinking about this post in relation to my own blog, wondering - should I post this idea, or that? But they're ideas that are important to me - so I did. If I was worried that people wouldn't care about my blog, I really would never have started it! :)

  4. Kudos BLB for deliberately vanquishing fear, which serves only to limit our experience and appreciation of all the gifts we've been given. Loved reading your blog BW

  5. I've just found your blog and am really enjoying it. Thanks--I'll visit again!


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