Sunday, May 3, 2009


April 30 is a big celebration day in The Netherlands called "Queens Day". 16 million people have a day off from work and school and celebrate the birthday of our queen. We all dress up in orange, go out to flee markets, listen to music and enjoy the day with family and friends. I have tons of amazing wonderful memories about the koninginnedagen I celebrated with great people in different cities.

Living in the states for six years, I was not thinking about the upcoming Koninginnedag. But someone invited to the barbeque arranged at my house on April 30 pointed out that Koninginnedag was that exact day. What an awesome possibility to celebrate! I decided to dress in orange and to give myself a clown face, and to share during the barbecue the article that my friend Kathy so appropriately had posted that afternoon on this blog.

All dressed up I waited for my visitors. I was exited to do something out of the ordinary for the people around me and show them a little of the Dutch culture. People were surprised and laughed when they came in. Then one of them says: "your queen got attacked today". I said what do you mean? He says: "a car drove into your queen. The queen is fine but other people died". Below you'll find my thought process following this information:

An attack on the queen? Where did the world get to? Then I thought, ohh my god, another "Theo van Gogh" or "Pim Fortuyn" incident! Why do people believe that killing each other is a solution for anything? It's Koninginnedag, all those children out. What if…

Then my thinking paused and started again: wait, what information do I have? How do I know it was an attack on the queen? Does the information I received give enough information to draw conclusions like: people believe that killing each other is a solution for anything? Does someone using the word "attack (dutch translation = aanslag)" make it one? And even if it was one, do I want to believe the world is moving towards "craziness"? Do I want to belief that people in general need to create damage to express their beliefs? No, no, no, no! At that instant I decided to let go of these judgments.

For this article I went online and found you a short movie on YouTube that shows from one camera angle what happened at that moment during Koninginnedag. I watched it and strengthened me in my belief that I don't know what happened and why it happened. I also realized I will never know the full extend of what happened. What a clear example of assumptions and how we translate them into facts and truths and right and wrong.

My thoughts are with the families of the deceased, the family of the driver and anyone who in some way has been touched by this incident. I wish you the strength to look deeply in yourself and question your beliefs around this incident. I wish you to adopt and/or strengthen the happiness fueling belief that the world is filled with supportive and loving people. I wish you the belief that there are people around you to listen, support and love you.


  1. the latest I've been able to pick up is:-Officials said on Thursday the driver had confessed to police that he intended to attack the royal family.

    After searching the car and his home, investigators ruled out terrorism as a motive and said it appeared he had acted alone.

    Yes media hype does little to encourage considerate thought, rather fascilitates mindless reactiveness. I'm waiting to see if the 'unhappy'driver was on prescribed drugs which do little to resolve a person's unhappiness or confused thinking, only agrevate matters.

    In most of these kind of incidents, like the mass school shootings etc, this is what is found. Rather than emphasize the underlying ineffective way 'experts' tend to lobotomize people with legalized drugs.

    That's my 'soap-box' for today, ;) bw

  2. I heard of the attack on my way to your house, and I also went: "Ohh no, Van Gogh, Fortuyen..." - and I also went to the man who threatend to explode the highest tower in Amsterdam exact 6 month after sep. 11 2001.

    So why do I go there? Theo Van Gogh was killed 5 years ago of political reasons related to his islam critical movie. Fortuyen was killed of political reasons by a man figthing for animals rights. The tower was a man who believed that Phillips in someway was misleading the public (in the end he didn't blow up the tower - he blew up his own head instead).

    The facts are:
    "Some people hold strong beleifs, and they believes that killing someone else will be of benefit for their own purpose."

    "Van Gogh was killed 2 years after Fortuyen and 5 years passed before this attack of the queen".

    "It is not everyday that dutch news are on CNN"

    - what do we make of this? only bad news will get the worlds attention? killings happens in holland? killings happens less often in Holland now ? - people who are outstanding because they take a stand or hold certain position are more likely to get killed?




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