Monday, April 6, 2009

What is your favorite flavor?

This past week, we had the most diverse set of articles written so far by our authors.

"Stepping into growing our comfort zone", "Autism as a cure for world hunger", "sexy independent dishwashers", "the 'I' that makes relationships special", and "trust as a decision independent of the other person." What an amazing week it was.

I feel grateful to be able to read all these stories. The unique words, thoughts, insights, jokes and comments touch me deeply. I love to see the world through all the different eyes, and experience the world in so many different flavors. It stimulates me to organize my thoughts, question my beliefs, laugh until my belly hurts and create new perspectives.

I LOVE that we are all unique. I am not like you, and you are not like anyone else. This means that what we share has unique flavors. Depending on your taste buts, you might think Mark is like dark chocolate, citron or pumpkin pie ice cream! I like to see myself as an ice-cream Sunday!

At this moment we have ten distinct blog flavors and I hope you like them. Do you already have a favorite? Is there a flavor that you're missing? What flavor would you add?

Come back often to enjoy our delightful stimulating brain ice cream!


  1. Yes Iris...what I so love about your describing each of our writing styles like flavors of ice cream is how sweet that is...which is how we can pick and choose our beliefs and make all of our decisions in life, as simple as choosing which flavor we want in each moment. And we can taste a little bit of each without having to judge anything as uky. Love the mint chocolate chip myself.


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