Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weekly Focus - Start Something New (3)

What is one new thing you want to start this week? Describe what your goal is, and what you have to do to start the project. What are the different steps you have to take to get to your goal? What are the things are you are clear about? What questions have to be answered? Do you not want to start something new? How come?


  1. This thread's focus is curious to me, because I cannot relate to a vacuum wherein I could possibly squeeze in or juggle more interests and involvements.
    It seems perhaps many experience some degree of boredom, perhaps anxiety. My goal is to simply continue, juggling my involvements, towards making room to be perhaps less scattered, and perhaps more selectively effective, vs adding something new.

  2. Hi BW,

    Thanks for you comment. The Weekly Focus is meant as a separate activity. Some people really, really liked the Ticklers that I implemented in the beginning, but which were disappearing when all the longer blogs are started to come up. So let's say we have two different audiences that we are reaching: the ones who want to read the blogs when they make time and the ones who want to have a little reminder every day that they can do something right now to make their life the most exiting one there is.

    The blog articles are announced on the Facebook page, so if you are interested in that part, just regularly check the schedule for what is upcoming. I have also planned to create a menu from this page through which you can read all the blogs written by one author or by one subject.

    Thank you for being such a amazing, wonderful and active participant!

  3. thank you for responding ;)
    I have nothing against the ticklers, is just that no one seemed to be bothering with any comments, there was no I thought I'd say something that might stimulate that......I have no issue with much anything, except perhaps lacking participation which can be interpreted in a variety of ways. either the reader(s) are too busy, not interested, unstimulated, or think perhaps their input inconsequential or no one would be interested. Far too many great forums fade away into oblivion seemingly because of this.

  4. You're a pretty amazing active person yourself Iris ;)

  5. Good point, BW, but I have to say this: There are a total of 2-3 blogs that I visit, but I comment to a very small proportion to what I read... and I think many others are like that too. So a low level of comments doesn't always mean a low interest level. I agree it would be good feedback to the contributors for all readers to chime in with comments, but time constraints don't always permit...


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