Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekly Focus - Health (1)

This week our focus is on: Health. How is your health? How is the health of your friends and family? What people, situations, feelings and beliefs can you identify? Write them down for yourself so you can work with it during this week.


  1. Interesting topic, health. I never thought about it for most of my life growing up, took my own health for granted, etc. Then after my Son-Rise son came along, I was exposed to conventional/Western medicine, and came to really distrust & dislike it for its seeming ineffectiveness. Then I explored some Eastern, more holistic modalities and fell in love with those. Now I'm learning to accept each system of medicine for what it is, without needing to hate it for its weaknesses.

  2. Hi Sree,

    I'm glad you found the support that is helpful for you and your family. Lot's of people don't believe that there is something out there that fits their needs and give up their search. I believe that if someone has any health issues, it's very helpful to get information from different resources about it and to get totally up to date with all the knowledge available. There are so many possibilities out there. I have heard so many times that people didn't know what to do anymore, and that everyone around them said to give up. But they didn't and because of that, they worked through the challenge..


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