Thursday, April 30, 2009

Music is connection, Music is heaven.

Yesterday evening we had our weekly band rehearsal. Our band consists at this moment of Mark (keyboards and vocals), Peter (guitar and vocals) and I (djambe and vocals). We started playing together just a couple of weeks ago and we are having the most amazing fun ever. After our first jam together we decided to work towards our first performance and we have been coming together once a week since.

For me the times we practice are like heaven. I am in awe about how we can create things together from nothing and create an experience of bliss and love. It stimulates my brain in the areas of creativity, excitement, love, being present, joy and probably also many other areas I have not mentioned in this list. The experience we create together is special and wonderful. And you know the fun thing is: it is so easy. No hard work, no frustration, no stress. We all go with the flow and put in our unique personalities to create a unique musical product.

By the time we were rapping up our practice yesterday, two friends dropped in to hang out with us. And guess what happened: we ended up in making music with the five of us and created our temporary five band version of this really wonderful experience. I believe that music is connection, music is heaven. Why? I believe that when we are present with the music we are not holding on to past or future events, and we open ourselves up to share love, camaraderie and create sweet experiences.

Do you do things in your life that gives you the experience I am talking about? How often do take time to create these experiences? Who do you share them with?

With love,


P.S. You are invited to come and join us during our first performance at Club Helsinki in Great Barrington MA on May 25, 2009.

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  1. i can relate to 'making music' with our instrument (life) in exploring how to 'fit in,' harmoniously, and choosing our notes, and celebrating together how we do ourselves, to accomplish this music (harmony) bw


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