Thursday, April 30, 2009

Life is a circus

So send in the clowns already!

This blog is a special gift to all my friends out there who are currently taking life way too seriously! I was thinking of all of you this past Sunday while drenching a group of children with a garden hose at a family barbeque. We had just finished a March of Dimes for Babies Walk sponsored by a dear family member who lost a child (Lucas) who was born prematurely. In the past, this day would have been terribly stressful for me. I would have spent the day worrying about saying and doing all the right things for fear of upsetting people. I am excited to report that last Sunday my only focus was love and laughter and I had an incredible experience!

The walk itself was a beautiful expression of love as hundreds of people came together to celebrate the lives of the children they know and create hope for millions of babies yet to be born. My husband Dave and I packed the kids (Aly and David), all of David's special food, a bright red wagon, and all our love into the car and drove to a beautiful ocean front park in Connecticut. We walked together with friends and strangers as one down a beautiful path of hope.

After the walk we celebrated Lucas with family and new friends at a barbeque hosted by Lucas's parents. We talked, ate, drank, and most importantly, played silly games with the kids. The garden hose quickly became the favorite toy as the children ran through the crazy stream of water, filled buckets to dump on one another, and giggled wildly as the water tickled their lips while drinking from the hose. The beautiful backyard transformed itself into an amazing circus of special stunts, tight rope (garden hose) walking, juggling, and of course clowns! The greatest show on earth began with the children and quickly expanded as many adults joined them. Running through the crazy stream of water was refreshing, exilerating, and incredibly fun! When was the last time you played with your garden hose?

I share this story with you because it is an illustration of the value of love and laughter during challenging times. Many of us are currently facing and will continue to face situations that we never anticipated. I believe that these situations have the potential to be the most amazing, growth promoting opportunities for all of us! After all, isn't anticipation one of the most exciting features of the circus! Can you remember how excited you were to see what happens next. Imagine if we approached life that way. How would you feel if you relished in the excitement of the unknown instead of being fearful of it? How would you feel if you knew no matter what happened, you could always send in the clowns.

If you are currently taking life too seriously, find some clowns and invite them into your life. Clowns come in many forms so here are some places to look: Most importantly, look for the clown in you. If you don't think you have any clown in you, buy some facepaints and a garden hose and go at it! Children are the most free spirited clowns ever so surround yourselves with them, drop your expectations of them to "behave" and have fun! Friends, friends, friends!!! Reunite with someone you have been meaning to call but haven't made the time for. Chances are, they are looking for clowns too!

Love to all of you!

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  1. Dear sweet, sweet Kathy,

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this article so much. It could not be more appropriate or come at a better time. You are the most amazing wonderful person and I love how you bring your inspiration and love to life and share it with others. Thank you XXX


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