Saturday, April 11, 2009

Big calves stop ticks...

Hurray, spring is here! More sunshine, higher temperatures, finally spending time outside. What can be more wonderful? One thing is for sure, all my spring gardening activities have helped me to grow in the most unexpected ways! Let me tell you...

When we made an offer on our lovely house about year and a half ago, the house had the space inside that we wanted and only a small yard to maintain. Mark and I do not like to spend lots of our time working on tasks around the house, so it was perfect!

By the time we closed on the house, the situation had changed a bit; the former owners were required by the state to put in a new septic system. The new rules for septic systems include the installation of an enormous field of pipes that clean the water as it passes through the system. To make room for this, they had to take down a great number of our trees.

I now have a field of grass at least four times bigger than planned. In the last week I have spent around six hours raking leaves and needles from the grass, and I am only half done. When this task is finished and the lawn mowed, there are flowerbeds to be cleaned and lots of dead wood to be removed. Yes, there have been moments that I noticed that I wanted to choose unhappiness with my situation, but instead, I made it a game to find positive happiness fueling aspects of yard work. I will share some of them with you in the hope to inspire your gardening experiences:

  • Because of the new septic system we have now extra light coming into our living room.

  • The view from our living room is way improved (we can see much farther than 10 feet out the front window)

  • I can now organize huge garden parties

  • I now know what Poison Ivy looks like (kinda like a strawberry plant but then a little different! Great!) and I know that it is better not to touch it!

  • I now have first hand experience with the fabulous effects of Calomine lotion and can recommend to everyone that they keep a bottle in their medicine cabinets at all times

  • There is grass growing under the brown layer of pine needles (yeah) and with me raking the needles from the grass, it can grow strong and be happy

  • I don't have to spend any money on a fitness club

  • The wind and the trees have an agreement that involves me; the wind blows the dead wood out of the trees onto my grass field so I can properly dispose of it.

  • Next winter we will have way less heating costs due to an abundance of firewood; thank you wind and trees.

  • I have lots of friends who would love to learn how to use a chain saw

  • I've finally found a great reason for my big calves: when I put on my garden boots my calves seal the top of the boots so ticks cannot find their way in!

  • Muscle aches get less if you repeat the same activity regularly

  • The fresh air and exercise make me sleep like a baby!

  • When I record my thoughts while working in the yard, I have my blog articles written at the same time--how efficient!

  • I will be in great condition by the time I put my bikini on

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Don't hide any Easter eggs in the Poison Ivy


  1. A great example of maintaining a perspective of the many blessings there are in life. It is far superior to a cranialrectal point of view!

    Good for you!

    (Please send me a woman about my age who is as great as you!)

    Keith G.

  2. if you have a garden party the 26th I would love to come...
    and if you invite Keith I'll tell him about single women about your age (including me).... if they are as great as you... hmm ... you are pretty high on my list of great people.



  3. Count me into this GREAT club...and single too!...hmmm this gets me thinking, wouldn't it be fun to have A New Option singles section : )

  4. Wow i want a garden to, it sounds great.

  5. Wow thats sounds greate i want a garden to now.


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