Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Asking from a happy place

If you would ask someone in my past to mention one characteristic about me I am sure it would have been "controlling". I didn't really understand why people said that about me, but now that I am letting this "wonderful" but hard to live with quality go I can see what they meant. When someone is controlling they don't ask from a happy place. They have to have it and usually in the way they want it.

Today I am staying at a hotel where the Internet connection isn't strong enough in all the rooms. My laptop couldn't pick it up in my room. So I went to ask the lady at the reception whether I could have another room. I didn't need it, so I could ask it with ease and an honest smile. She also responded very nice and told me that they were all booked up, but maybe something would open the next day. I was totally fine with her answer and I really appreciated the next day option. It is still nicer to work from my room for 4 days than staying at the tiny reception table for 5 days.

And when I was about to go back to my "Internet-less" room the receptionist remembered that the disabled access room was free and she offered it to me. I checked it out and the Internet worked, hurray. And even better, I had never seen a disabled access room before. It is amazing! It has all these handles you can grab and strings coming from the ceiling you can pull if you need help.

After the first excitement of exploring this new room I started thinking about how my life would be if I were in a wheelchair. I could feel two ways while exploring this room. Either I could feel unhappy about me being so different and that I need all these special equipment to get by or I could be really appreciative that there is all this help, so I can do all the same things as if I wasn't in the wheelchair. Coming from the happy place makes life so much brighter.

Anyway the light doesn't work in my bathroom, but they will fix it tomorrow. This made me wonder how funny we people are. For each of us different things are important. I am happy to have a romantic almost no light shower in my Internet accessible and disabled accessible room!

So today I had a lovely evening because I was asking from a happy place! What about you?

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  1. you sound wonderful.

    an old friend


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