Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ask for what you want!

In the upcoming week there is a taught in the Berkshires for the most advanced participants wanting to understand  more about creating happiness in their lives. It is completely taught  in a style called off-curriculum. Which means that instead of following a set schedule the class dynamics are used to expand the teachings. It's done by an amazingly skilled teacher and the classes are very exiting, challenging and fun.

I have been in the wonderful opportunity to go to this course a couple of times and I have met the most incredible people during those times. People from all parts of the world. People with all different backgrounds. People who do not need everything to stay the same, but accept and love change and challenge. People who and are open to look and dig in themselves and create a happier world for themselves and others.

This year I will not be in the program. But I'm so psyched, because I will have a large bunch of the participants in my first "yard party"! It all started with my friend Joy from Denmark. She wrote a comment on a blog article the other day. She said that she would be around fand that if I would do a yard party she would be there! After that Amy contacted me through Facebook and told me that she wanted to connect when she was in town and she would bring some of our other friends. Then Brian responded that he also wanted to be included. This was a week ago. Brian contacted others and at this moment there is a big party planned with lots and lots of people. It is the most exiting wonderful thing to look forward to!

What can we learn from all this?

1. Ask for what you want to get what you want. If Joy, Amy and Brian had not contacted me the party would not have been planned. I'm not in the program this year and I was not keeping track of the calendar. Without them Wide Awake would have passed me by without noticing that all these wonderful people were in town for the program.

2. Friendship is not depending on how often you see each other and how much time you spend with each other. It has more to do with loving each other and embracing the opportunity to enjoy each other without judgment in the present moment. I am grateful that I have friends who know they can call me one or two years after our last interaction and that we can pick up instantly where we left off.

3. If you are open embrace the unexpected, big unexpected things might very well happen! I had not planned to have a party for more than 30 people, but I'm so having pre-party fun! In a thousand ways I could have stopped the evolving of this event, and just have met in person with Joy or Amy, but I decided to go with the flow. And now I will have more wonderful people in my garden then I could ever imagine.

Enjoy the wonderful spring weather!

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  1. I just read about the beautifull "growing" in your yard. Lots of people will join knowing that there will be others to rejoin, speak, laugh, learn and teach. In my thoughts I am with you all.A bright and special day tomorrow!
    Wish you all to have a wonderfull loving and receiving, giving day tomorrow!

    With love Mary van der Valk, Holland.


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