Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tickler Twenty

Name five people who have helped you along the way. What did they do for you? How do you feel about that? Have you ever told them?


  1. Thanks for the tickler:-
    Additional to my Mom and Dad, I'd nominate BNK, Bruce DiMarsico for stimulating BNK, Wayne Dyer, Earl Nightingale, and Ben Franklin.....only 2 of which are still living. I have yet to speak with Wayne, though I'm sure he knows he is valued and loved. BW

  2. I would have to say one would be you Iris. In the 2 or 3 times you mentored me, you absolutely helped me to realise that judging negatively the feelings I deemed were not acceptable to me, really was just a choice i had made, and one i could change in an instant. Ever since I left Option, I no longer judge any of my "negative" (for want of a better word!)feelings if they arise, instead I just accept them and practise non-resistance. I left Option getting exactly the lesson I had intended to get, and my life has been onwards & upwards ever since. I had been meaning to email you to thank-you, so Thank-you! Namaste, Louise Collins.

  3. I too applaud and encourage fascilitation of such self discovery/option-ability.

    It can be refreshing indeed to realize one is free in their chooseability of thoughts, whether to recognize value or not, to experience positive emotional stimulation, or not, from whatever one comes across on their path, or in the pond they are currently swimming in.


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