Monday, March 16, 2009

Shortcut to Happiness

Hello lovely people,

My name is Barbara. I am a playroom therapist. I live in Hungary and work all over Europe and in Nigeria. I love my job and I would love to share with you why my work is so amazing.

I haven't always seen all the beauty I see now in the program. Being quite a self-centered person didn't give me much opportunity to find beauty in other things. It was totally ok to be self-centered. It was the way for me to take care of myself, to feel safe and find my way in the world. I always loved personal growth stuff but when I started the training in the autism treatment program I certified in, I started the big journey to become myself. By doing that I created the capacity to see the world in a different way. It was kind of treating myself. Exploring my beliefs opened up new ways to see and understand myself.

I wanted to share the above about myself because I used to admire people for how amazing they were and I never thought about where they started out. I just assumed they were always the way I met them. It is nice to see that life is all about growing, we never stop and there is always room to stretch ourselves more.

I love my job, seeing the beautiful children and meeting amazing families. I love how respectful, loving, gentle and effective the autism treatment program I do is. I meet a child for the first time and it is so easy to make a connection from the place of total acceptance, love and respect. It is amazing to see how children respond when they have the first contact with someone who doesn't push them at all and who is happy to play their games for hours (join their isms) if that is what they choose to do. They just "soak" it in, relax and appreciate it so much. I get the most amazing smiles, looks and hugs from my little friends. By giving them the opportunity to take care of themselves and be who they are without any judgments or need to be someone else or do something else they can recharge and be ready to make steps toward things that might be challenging for them. I see with many children that they love to be challenged because it happens when they are ready for it and it is in a fun and easy way. Can you imagine anything better than having a friend who is so excited about what you love and is there for you and helps you on the way when you face challenges in your life? I am so grateful I can be a friend like that for the children I play with.

Talking about being grateful. It is a shortcut to happiness, as we all know. It was always nice to read it and think "yeah it's a good technique" but I didn't really feel it often. Then I just started practicing it more and more. I have started being grateful for the small things in my life and it really works. Slowly it is helping me to transform the way I think and see the world. I just have more and more good coming into my life and I recognize it more and more. I was just thinking that I am happy for the majority of my days, though I have my down moments. But the trick is, after I am unhappy for a little bit, I start looking for something I can be grateful for in the situation and it works amazingly.

So keep being grateful and enjoy the amazing fruit of your effort.

With huge love,



  1. Great post Barbara, experiences you share.

    the last paragraph reminded me of the belief I ran across years ago, and found it resonated, that basically we all are 'pleasure seeking' creatures. It sounds like you found along your path, that increased pleasureable sense one gets in focusing oneself on the abundance one can be grateful over.....and, (laugh) like a shark sensing blood, went for it !!! thumbs up


  2. Barbara: great to hear from you again. I remember first exchanging emails back with you before you went to Option. Sounds like you had a great time there. Yes, 'joining' can feel so good when we understand what we're really providing the child with. It has taught me a lot about how to be friends with people.


  3. Absolutely Sree and Barbara. I loved reading this B! Way to go for you, thank you for sharing from you heart. I really hear what you are saying about being the kind of friend who coaches another person on through a challenge and how being "challenged" is fun when you are ready and want it!!! I've learned this for my own life, it really doesn't have to be hard : )



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