Sunday, March 1, 2009

A GPS for Life

Hello and happy March to everyone! For those readers who do not already know me, my name is Jeannene. I am a autism play therapist. I trained and worked in the beautiful Berkshires from August 2006 until October 2008. This past December I moved back home to Canada. I am now starting out my own business providing outreaches to families world wide! Today is the first day that my website goes live. Please take a look and pass it along to other people.

As I mentioned above, I recently moved home to Canada. However, I am living in a different place than where I grew up. This move has brought up many interesting things to share. Most significantly, being in a new place has given me lots of opportunities to see how dramatically I have changed over the years. It is clear that I am not only living in a new place, I am living from a new place.

Being new to the city of Calgary, I have been using a GPS while driving to help me navigate. It occurred to me that the past several years of my personal growth have been about tuning into my own internal GPS! If you’ve ever used a GPS you will hopefully appreciate the similarities. You can probably recall the GPS voice: “In 500 meters, turn right on ..... ” How wonderful and simple it is to navigate this way!

More and more everyday, I am living from my own brilliant sense of knowing from my true self. I hear myself louder and clearer. With greater ease, I define where I want to go. Then, either I create a path or one is illuminated for me and I let go and flow with deeper love.

Tips for tuning into and using your own Internal GPS:

1. Set Intentions!

If you think about it, setting an intention is like typing in an address on a GPS, it will stop at nothing to get you there! Figuring out where you want to go in life may be different than figuring out where the closest restaurant is, this is true. OLooking at your beliefs is helpful for discovering what you want your life to be about.

2. Listen and Explore without Judgment.

Listen to what? Listen to what is going on within yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, and your body. We are all born with our own personal Internal GPS, yet most people have not been taught how to use it.

Your inner voice may sound a lot different from the one on a real GPS (the one I use has a lady voice with a crisp, British accent). Perhaps, inside your head, there are many voices talking at once, sometimes in foreign languages or maybe your inner voice is very quiet. Be fascinated, be curious! Dialoguing with an intention of self-love has been a major key and blessing in my process of getting in touch with my inner knowing.

Yoga, meditation and bodywork help me hear the more quiet and subtle yet out-of -this-world powerful voice of my body. I am learning so many lessons from listening to my body. I am much kinder to myself when I am in touch with my body. For example, while doing yoga, I do what naturally feels good, a gentle stretching, without pushing or straining. This is drastically different than how I previously operated in the world. I am now moment by moment applying this lesson of living from a place of natural ease to all areas of my life.

3. Know that you can not go wrong.

Like a real GPS, we also have a recalculating function. Once you’ve set an intention and take actions toward living this intention, no matter which way in life you turn, you will eventually find your way there. Sometimes we take the long route to get where we are going so that we can have beneficial experiences that we didn’t even know we wanted.

Comments encouraged! Do you agree that the body has a voice? What does yours say?


  1. THis is fantastic Beam. I am really getting into not only reading PD but embracing it. I love what we do and know that the world is hungry for it.

  2. Hi Jeannene,

    Congrats with your website. It looks fantastic. I wish for you to help thousands of parents to help their children. I encourage everyone to take a look.

    I love the three tips you gave in this post. I think they are really helpful in daily life, and I hope that many will implement them. Setting an intention is really important if you want to make changes in your life. Without intention, we seem to slide back (I use slide back as an action) into our insecurities very easily.

    I’m not sure about what you mean by inner voice and true self. I don’t believe there is such a thing as “our true self” that we’re trying to get in touch with. I believe that we are who are and that we actually “create” ourselves, we don’t “find” ourselves. Would you agree with that or are you saying something different?

    Also, I think we tend to view ourselves as speaking through our thoughts, emotions and words. But we often don’t see ourselves as speaking through our aches and pains. We tend to think of these as happening to us, not as something we’re doing or ‘saying’. So, I really like the idea of expanding our voice to include all aspects of expression. So, perhaps it’s one voice, many expressions?

    I love what you shared in point 3, the belief that we can’t go wrong. People who hold this belief will for sure judge themselves less about choices made etc. Very cool!


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